Wednesday Season 2: What to Expect From Netfix Updates?

The week before Halloween, everyone was astonished when Wednesday failed to appear. However, it was well worth the wait. After a dark and extremely exciting season, we are convinced that fans will be eager to see where Wednesday goes next. While we wait for Netflix to decide what will happen on Wednesday, there is still time. Fans need not worry because Wednesday will undoubtedly return soon.

Wednesday was one of the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2022. helped by Tim Burton’s participation, who on Wednesday made his directorial debut on television. For the production, Burton was both the producer and the director. Not to mention the audience’s excitement when Jenna Ortega’s iconic Wednesday Addams ensemble was initially featured on Netflix.

Wednesday Season 2 Has Been Renewed By Netflix

At the time this article was being written, Wednesday had just been made available on Netflix. The fact that Netflix decided not to renew on Wednesday, before the premiere of season 1, suggests that the streaming service will hold off on deciding until it has seen how the show does.

On Wednesday, we anticipate a solid showing and over the following few weeks, we anticipate some noteworthy viewership numbers. Once Netflix is satisfied with the show’s performance, a decision on renewal will likely be made.

Wednesday Season 2
                                                                             Wednesday Season 2

What Can We Expect From The Second Season Of Wednesday?

As soon as Wednesday turned on the phone Xavier had given her and realized she had her first stalker, she received some foreboding messages. As a result of her dislike of social media, Wednesday is already known to have had a modest internet presence.

However, it’s impressive that a stalker was already able to contact her given that Xavier was the one who provided her with a new phone. But given her antics, it’s hardly surprising that Wednesday has drawn a lot of attention.

Who Will Be The Next Principal Of Nevermore?

Because of Larissa Weems’ demise, Nevermore Academy is being run without a principal. The pool of potential candidates for the role is also somewhat tiny. If Wednesday’s mother Morticia Addams were given the job, she would be the most sensible choice.

Since Morticia is a Nightshade and a former student of Nevermore, she would make the finest choice to take over. Wednesday would, however, make every attempt to remove her mother from her position as principal, which would be both amusing and very likely disastrous. Catherine Zeta-Jones would need to be upgraded to series regular if Morticia is selected as the principal of Nevermore.

What Will Happen To Laurel?

After her true identity was revealed, Laurel was able to resuscitate Jeremiah Crackstone, but Wednesday stopped him. Tyler was deceived into transforming into a hyde, which further demonstrated that she influenced him. Laurel’s ambitions have been temporarily put on hold but if Tyler can save his master, they might have even more evil schemes in store for Nevermore and the outcasts.

Pugsley Could Be Joining Nevermore?

Pugsley and Wednesday don’t have a known age difference, but we do know that they both went to the same high school until Wednesday transferred to Nevermore. If Morticia accepts the lead role at Nevermore, the entire family might move along with her. It would be priceless to see Wednesday’s expression as she naturally does everything in her power to stop him from trying to hang out with her.

Wednesday Season 2
                                                                  Wednesday Season 2

What Will Tyler Do After That?

Tyler was being hauled in chains to either a maximum security jail or a mental hospital when he was last seen. But before the vehicle could leave, Tyler transformed into his Hyde form, giving the audience the appearance that he had murdered all the armed security personnel. Will Tyler’s freedom and the absence of his master make him more dangerous? Or, will he attempt to alter his behavior to return to Jehrico?

Will Tim Burton Start Directing?

Some of the episodes were directed by Tim Burton, which was strongly emphasized in the majority of the first season’s promotion. The only new project that Burton is expected to work on is the rumored Beetlejuice sequel.

But given that he didn’t participate in the writing of any Wednesday episodes and only directed the first half of the season, there’s no reason he can’t return to direct future episodes. Even though it would be unfortunate, the program would nonetheless go on if Burton did not return to directing.

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