Criminal Minds Season 16: Casts, Filming And Developments

Season 16 of Criminal Minds, which will be aptly titled Criminal Minds: Evolution, has been officially given a premiere date by Paramount+. Having been off the air for more than two years, the popular CBS procedural has been brought back for a new 10-episode season that will feature the returns of six original cast members.

Aside from Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney), the entire prior cast will return for Criminal Minds’ upcoming 16th season. Emily Prentiss, of Paget Brewster, is in charge of the Behavior Analysis Unit once again.

Criminal Minds: Evolution’s first season, the BAU will be following just one UnSub. Using the coronavirus epidemic as cover, this UnSub has organized a network of serial killers, and the team’s mission is to track them all down and apprehend the ringleader.

Season 16 of Criminal Minds welcomes Midnight Mass actor Zach Gilford to a major role. Whether or not the revival will include any more returning characters is yet up in the air.

Criminal Minds Season 16
Criminal Minds Season 16

Per Deadline, Paramount+ has officially stated that the Criminal Minds reboot will air on Thursday, November 24, or Thanksgiving Day in the United States. On that day, you may expect to receive the first two episodes, with subsequent episodes arriving every Thursday.

After the seasons halfway points finale on December 15, Criminal Minds will take a short break before returning on January 12 and running through the end of the season on February 9.

The revival of Criminal Minds got off to a rocky start, to the point where Brewster expressed concern that it would ever happen. However, Paramount+ has significantly accelerated the production schedule.

Season 16 has been filming since August, but its premiere is only a little over two months away. Given how popular the series still is, the rapid pace isn’t that shocking.

According to returning star Joe Mantegna, the show’s success in the streaming sphere is in large part due to the enthusiasm of the show’s devoted viewers, who demanded the 16th season.

Paramount+ appears ready to capitalize on this enthusiasm by expediting the release of the exciting new season. This also suggests that the post-production process for Criminal Minds is roughly the same as it was when the show aired on cable.

Criminal Minds: Evolution is premiering around the holidays, so the streaming service most certainly has big hopes for the show. Only 10 episodes have been ordered so far, but if season 16 is successful, it seems likely that the show will get more.

Criminal Minds will premiere on Paramount+ later in the year than usual, but the schedule will follow the same pattern as the CBS premiere. It’s possible this is a good sign for the upcoming episodes.

Now that we know when to expect season 16 of Criminal Minds, we can look forward to the inevitable trailer. Paramount+ will likely release new footage of the cast within the next month to generate even more buzz. Maybe when Halloween finally arrives, the streaming service will release a teaser for its own spooky show.

Criminal Minds Season 16
Criminal Minds Season 16

Criminal Minds Cast

With the exception of Matthew Gray Gubler and Daniel Henney, the bulk of the core actors from the previous season returned for this one. The news that Josh Stewart would be returning as Will LaMontagne Jr. was announced on September 4, 2022. Zach Gilford was given a recurring role on September 9, 2022.

Criminal Minds Filming

We started shooting in August of 2022.  Joe Mantegna revealed in September 2022 that he’d be directing an episode that year. Episode directors A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler, and Adam Rodriguez were announced later that month.

Criminal Minds Development

The revival series and 16th season of Criminal Minds at Paramount+ were announced in early development in February 2021 with 10 episodes scheduled. The show’s continued production status was announced in February 2022.  In July 2022, Paramount+ gave the show a series order. In September 2022, the series’ official title was announced.

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