The Winner Of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 Said, “The Hard Work Is Just Beginning”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 has concluded, and after 10 weeks of drama, we finally know who won the coveted tucking strap.

Warning: The following contains information that may be considered a spoiler for the season four finale of Drag Race UK. Black Peppa, Cheddar Gorgeous, Danny Beard, and Jonbers Blonde competed for the title of UK’s Next Drag Superstar on Episode 10 of the BBC Three show.

The queens were narrowed down to a final two after a grueling final challenge, and Cheddar and Danny competed in a lip-syncing competition for the title. Eventually, Danny joined The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney, and Krystal Versace in the Drag Race UK winner’s circle, where the glitter had previously settled.

Danny Beard’s Path To Becoming Drag Race UK Winner: ‘I Auditioned Three Times’

Danny (they/them pronouns) was the first queen to enter the Werk Room on the fourth season of Drag Race UK on BBC Three, and they had a problem. As the first bearded queen in the show’s history, they were crossing their fingers that their beards wouldn’t hurt their chances.

Drag Race UK Season 4
Drag Race UK Season 4

‘I hope in episode three, they don’t tell me to shave, and in episode four, they send me home,’ Danny says, revealing his innermost fears about the show. I prayed they wouldn’t try to mold me into someone I’m not.

But Danny had nothing to worry about; “Ru said to me, ‘I have never had a bearded queen on here. And your drag style is fantastic. To me, that meant everything. After trying out for the show three times, Danny finally made it onto Drag Race UK.

They joke, “I didn’t audition for series one because I wanted to see if it was going to be crap;” however, the show ended up being brilliant. As a result, I applied three times, and it’s not like I’m ashamed of that.

A lot of us drag queens take it personally when we don’t get cast, but the real question is whether or not they have the right people for the roles. I wouldn’t be here if they’d taken me seriously during my first audition.

Participating in Drag Race UK meant going up against their heroes. As soon as I settled in Manchester, I went out with some new friends and saw Cheddar and the Family Gorgeous. All I could think was, “Oh my God, I had no idea that drag could be like this.”

During filming of the other series, “The Four Queens,” Danny served as an emotional anchor for the cast and crew. Black Peppa, another finalist, commented: “When we were feeling down, Danny would often come and sit next to you to cheer you up.

That kind of dedication to the team is what kept everyone together all season long.” In no time at all, Danny was consistently victorious. After beginning with a victory in week two’s girl group challenge, they went on to earn three more RuPeter badges in episodes four (for the Catty Man improv challenge), five (for the Lairy Poppins Ru-sical), and nine (for the comedy roast).

Following the success of the Ru-sical, Danny began to believe that they had a legitimate shot at taking home the title. One of the best episodes in the history of the show. When everyone else was so formidable, and I somehow prevailed, it fueled me to great intensity.

Unfortunately, Drag Race UK is a rollercoaster, and only two episodes later, Danny hit rock bottom: “The Snatch Game made me shaky. Even though I was confident in my ability to handle Louis Walsh, Ru wasn’t convinced.

But there comes a time when it’s best to let others take centre stage.” Danny kept crying on the runway, even as the RuPeter badges piled up: “I’m proud to show my emotion,” they say.

This is the first time I’ve ever attempted it while dressed as a woman. My drag queen persona is incredibly sassy, witty, and underhanded. As for my reputation, it’s all about the “shady singing cartoon clown.” It felt good to finally let people see the real me.

Danny and Cheddar dominated the competition in the second half, taking home every badge from Episode 4 on. While some might see this as a competition, Cheddar saw it as a collaborative effort to create quality television. When we were down to just a select group of people, that’s when things started to pick up and become enjoyable for me.

What Next For Danny Beard?

When asked how winning makes him feel, Danny compares the experience to that of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Here’s the golden ticket, Charlie: “I’m Charlie, RuPaul’s Willy Wonka, Michelle’s an Oompa Loompa, and I am the winner!”

Danny Beard’s future… Their aspiration is to work in television. I’m hoping to get a job in television, which is something I’ve always been interested in doing. I know the real work is just beginning, but the crown is a beautiful rhinestone cherry on top.

Where can we find Danny’s ideal TV role? “She says,” “I’ve always wanted to be the host of my own late-night talk show on either Fridays or Saturdays. Involvement of famous people, perhaps in the form of caricatures. Imagine if Saturday Night Live and The Ruby Wax Show had a baby.”

As the winner of the first season of Drag Race UK, The Vivienne was the first Liverpool queen to take home the crown, Danny follows in her footsteps. Says Danny, “I think it’s a northern place that has struggled with its identity. But I still believe that despite everything, everyone I know has a sense of humour.

Witty retorts allow us to find humour in a dire circumstance. Simply put, we have a sense of humour. It’s one of those comical accents that allows you to get away with anything you say in song.

Drag Race UK Season 4
Drag Race UK Season 4

Even though he was born in Liverpool, Danny now calls Manchester his home. Indeed, the top two finishers from Season 4 are both urbanites. ‘Manchester is a place full of energy,’ Cheddar says.

There must be something about this spot that attracts so many drag queens. It was the first council to have a subcommittee dedicated to gay rights, and it has a long and distinguished history of queer political activism (Section 28 marches, ACT UP, etc.). Not to mention, Manchester is a city that enjoys a good display of ostentation.

Also, Danny gives props to their current city: “Manchester taught me very early on that you need a brand. The majority of drag queens have their origins in other cities, and they all end up being carbon copies of one another. “I don’t think Danny Beard would look like this if it weren’t for Manchester.”

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