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Who is Wednesday’s, Laurel Gates? The hunt for a local serial killer is the focus of the primary mystery in the Netflix original series Wednesday. However, rather than just being a maniac with a vendetta, the murderer may be an escaped monster on the run. She becomes involved in this inquiry after seeing apocalyptic artwork that pits Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) against Joseph Crackstone (William Houston) and the mysterious Gates family.

They are the narrative’s tightly entwined, long-dead aristocracy from Jericho. As the conspiracy unfolds, references to the Gates family are made and Laurel Gates swiftly moves to the top of the list of suspects. However, who is Laurel Gates and what does she wish for Nevermore Academy or Wednesday Addams?

Who Is Laurel Gates In Wednesday, Season 1?

The Gates family was one of Jericho’s wealthiest and most powerful families. Since they were related to the town’s founder, Joseph Crackstone, they despised the outcasts of Nevermore. They were furious that Crackstone’s property had been stolen and used as the Academy’s grounds. This hatred grew over time until Ansel Gates sent his son Garrett to forcibly enter Nevermore to poison the students before finally clearing the neighborhood of outcasts.

At the 1990 Rave’N Dance, Garrett brought a vial of nightshade to spike the drink. He provoked Morticia’s lover Gomez before attempting the poisoning, although he was madly in love with her. During the fight, the vial was broken against Garrett’s flesh, causing the poison to infiltrate his body and trigger mouth foaming and rabid behavior.

Laurel Gates
Laurel Gates

To defend herself, Morticia shot and murdered Garrett when he attacked Gomez. Despite taking ownership of the murder, Gomez was eventually let go. The Mayor and Coroner covered up the murder to preserve the reputations of Jericho and Nevermore, but Sheriff Galpin always harbored grudges. The Gates family split up after Garrett’s passing, and they all died.

The death certificate confirmed the report for Garrett’s sister, who was said to have drowned abroad, but the Mayor had reservations. The Mayor started investigating Laurel’s death more closely and obtaining a copy of the death certificate once it was noticed that the lights in the Gates mansion were on. He unlawfully entered the estate and wandered around.

He called Sheriff Galpin after leaving and asked for a meeting to discuss his current idea. But the Mayor was driven over and killed before revealing his secrets. He had Laurel Gates in mind. Wednesday found the killer’s automobile and all the missing body parts from the monster’s victims within the mansion. There was a hidden shrine to Crackstone inside the building as well.

The mansion’s lights were then on as she went inside Laurel’s bedroom, indicating that it had been occupied more recently. Then Enid makes the case that Laurel could have returned to her previous bedroom. After the Mayor is killed, the Mayor’s son discovers his father’s papers. He had uncovered more evidence that was damaging. Teresa L. Glau, a Laurel Gates anagram, was a 90-year-old confectionery heiress who acquired the fortune after passing away mysteriously and leaving everything to her profession.

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The woman started killing people in retribution after returning to her hometown and buying the home she grew up in. According to Wednesday, among those to blame for her family’s suffering were the Mayor, the Coroner, and the Addams family. Fester referred to the creature as Hyde, a beast inhabiting a body and sleeping until it is awakened. The monster is called hypnosis, a drug-induced enticement, or a traumatic event.

The beast can then do anything desired by whoever awakens it. Laurel was using the monster to get rid of a few people. Wednesday mistakenly believes that Dr. Kinbott is Laurel and that she is employing Xavier to carry out her murders. The beast ultimately kills Dr. Kinbott after Xavier is wrongfully accused. After Wednesday kisses Tyler, it is made clear who the monster is.

Laurel Gates
Laurel Gates

She has a vision that reveals this insight to her. Surprisingly, the real Laurel Gates is played by Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill, a gorgeous, naive instructor. When Eugene mentions that he observed someone blowing up the cave while wearing red boots, Wednesday quickly makes the connection. As soon as she confronts Marilyn, she says everything.

She used a plant-based chemical to restrain Tyler. She focused on this teen after finding out that his mother had a history of hopelessness and might have had bipolar disorder. Tyler gathered genuine body parts so Marilyn could resurrect Joseph Crackstone. She sought to awaken Crackstone so that he could help her destroy all of Nevermore’s outcasts. But evidently, Wednesday’s perseverance and investigative skills foil Marilyn’s plan.

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