How To Watch the “Planet of the Apes” Movies In Order

“Planet of the Apes” movies are among the most popular movie franchises. Planet of the Apes has only gotten bigger and better through its multiple offerings and ever-growing popularity. The first-ever “Planet of the Apes” movie was released almost 52 years ago and ever since then, it has continued to influence the culture significantly.

People have thoroughly loved and enjoyed the film, resulting in as many as eight sequels. Regarding boxing office success, “Planet of the Apes” movies have shattered multiple records. Many of the films have rivaled the original in terms of success and critical acclaim.

All about “Planet of the Apes” movies

The events in the “Planet of the Apes” movies unfold in chronological order and for anyone planning to watch all nine films, it can get confusing. For someone who has not watched any of the “Planet of the Apes” movies, you must start from the beginning.

The first “Planet of the Apes” movie was released in 1968 and although you can watch the films as per the theatrical release dates, it is recommended that you watch them in the correct order. It is way more fun to watch all the “Planet of the Apes” movies chronologically, letting you understand every turn of events as it unfolds.

Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes

The first five “Planet of the Apes” movies were released between 1968 and 1973 and each had something brilliant to offer. However, with the recent film, the modern “Planet of the Apes” movies, three were released after 2010.

In each of these films, Andy Serkis stars as Caesar and each of these three modern “Planet of the Apes” movies is connected to the original five offerings.

Well, though these eight movies are tied together around the same storyline, there is also a standalone “Planet of the Apes” movie released in 2001 and starring Mark Whalberg.

Order of the “Planet of the Apes” Movies

Now that you know so many “Planet of the Apes” movies, the big question is how to watch these films. We recommend you watch the events in the Planet of the Apes movies as they happened. 

  •     Rise of the Planet of the Apes, released in 2011 – This is the first film on the watchlist and stars James Franco as Will Rodman, the scientist. He finds a baby chimp and takes it home to raise him, naming him Caesar.
  •     Dawn of the Plane of the Apes, released in 2014 – Set in 10 years after the previous movie’s events, here we see Caesar leading a burgeoning civilization of apes in the Redwood forests in San Francisco.
  •     War for the Planet of the Apes, released in 2017 – The last offering of the modern Planet of the Apes movies is set two years after Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The story takes a turn as Koba’s insurrection is hunting Caesar’s apes.
  •     Planet of the Apes, released in 1968 – The fourth one you should be watching is Franklin J Schaffner directed and stars Charlton Heston as he gets captured by advanced apes. While trying to escape their captivity, he discovers the truth of the world of the apes.
  •     Beneath the Planet of the Apes, released in 1970 – The fifth movie you need to watch 1970 released. James Franciscus stars as Brent, an astronaut who ends up in the Forbidden Zone. Here, he finds an entrance to a New York City suburb.
  •     Escape from the Plane of the Apes, released in 1971– One year, Don Taylor directed this Planet of the Apes movie and here we see how two apes use the ship to travel to 1973.
  •     Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, released in 1972 – Set in 1991, shows how Zira’s child is alive and grown up. His name is Caesar and he is the only ape who can speak in this world. It shows the dark world where cats and dogs have died off.
  •     Battle for the Planet of the Apes, released in 1973 – This film is set in a society where humans and apes coexist after a nuclear war. The community is being torn apart and Caesar sets out to find tapes in the Forbidden Zone that can save the destruction of the Earth.

What More from the “Planet of the Apes” Movies?

Planet of the Apes movies is a must-watch movie franchise and every offering is as exciting as you can imagine. We would like you to know that apart from the nine “Planet of the Apes” movies, a TV show by the same name was released in 1974. It has 14 episodes and could not survive more than one season. It is based on the 1968 movie “Planet of the Apes.”

Final Words

Now you know the correct order to watch the movies and you can follow the same to have a beautiful experience. So, start binge-watching and make this an experience to remember.

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