“Love Island Australia” Season 4: Everything To Know About Host, Release Date, Cast, Filming Location And More

What do you expect when you put together a group of good-looking twenty-something men and women in a beachside villa on a gorgeous island? Well, we know you are thinking about love and a lot of crazy hook-ups but do not miss on the drama factor. The popular franchise of “Love Island” is notoriously known for playing with the constant’s hearts; this time, it is taking over Australia.

“Love Island Australia” season 4 is ready to witness the journey of new lovers and their fight to stay in the game while the temptations surround them. Many prominent outlets mention that the new cast members are nothing short of “bombshells.” 

If you remember the chaotic previous seasons, there have been quite a few partner swaps and steamy love and we know it has been your guilty pleasure for the most extended period. Now that “Love Island Australia” season 4 is all set to release, we do not want you to skip even the slightest detail. 

What Is The Release Date Of “Love Island Australia” Season 4?

The romantic voyage has begun and you will now enter a drama-filled season. “Love Island Australia” season 4 premiered on 31st October 2022 and you can watch it on 9Now at 6 pm and then 9Go! later that evening. Every Monday to Thursday, a new episode will drop and you can watch the show whenever you want. Thus, your weekdays will be filled with intense love stories and the drama associated with those. 

Who Is The Host of The Show?

Sophie Monk returns again to host the brand-new “Love Island Australia” season. If you are a gossip lover, this is the show you need to catch up with. You must check Why Did Love Island’s Millie And Liam Break Up?

love island australia season 4
love island australia season 4

Where Has Been The “Love Island Australia” Season 4?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a buzz killer for many. There have been a lot of travel restrictions when it came to foreigners entering a new nation and it did hamper the production of season 2 and season 3. Season 2 was filmed in the gorgeous Fiji Islands, whereas season 3 took place in beautiful Byron Bay. But luckily, “Love Island Australia” season 4 didn’t have to face any such problem.

The cast and crew of “Love Island Australia” season 4 returned to the location of season 1, which made “Love Island Australia” a household name. Yes, you have guessed it right, “Love Island Australia” season 4 was shot in Mallorca, Spain. You will undoubtedly enjoy the scenic beauty and all the other chaos among the members.

What Is The New Inclusion in the “Love Island Australia” Season 4 Plot?

We all know the plot by now: twenty men and women will be in a villa together for “Love Island Australia” season 4. Their main quest is to find love and stay in the game with their partners as long as possible.

The past few seasons saw a lot of successful love stories and a fair share of heartbreaks. But “Love Island Australia” season 4 is said to be a bit different from the other seasons. Why so? It is because the Islanders now have access to a particular button. So, what is this special button?

The Islanders will be given a consent button to press and inform the producers that whatever is happening in the bedroom, they have consented to it. The contestants have to whisper “I consent” to their microphones. This will assure the producers that whatever is happening between two adults is welcomed by them and they are safe.

The producer of “Love Island Australia” said, “Nothing is more important to the producers of Love Island Australia than the welfare of the Islanders in the Villa.” “In a show where people explore new relationships and share beds, absolute and unquestionable mutual consent is essential.” “The consent light was designed to alleviate any doubt that intimate touching etc., is completely welcomed by both consenting adults.”

“The neon hearts you can see on every bedhead are lit up during the day but go dark when the bedroom lights are switched off.”

The Cast Of “Love Island Australia” Season 4

The best-looking cast will be seen in this season’s “Love Island Australia.” Fans are excited to learn all about them and who will couple up with whom. We want only the best couple to win. Thus, here is the cast list of “Love Island Australia” season 4:

  •               Al Perkins
  •               Vakoo – 27
  •               Claudia – 23
  •               Stella – 24
  •               Holly – 25
  •               Jessica – 26
  •               Layla – 20
  •               Phoebe – 24
  •               Maddy – 26
  •               Tak- 22
  •               Austen – 22
  •               Mitchell – 25
  •               Jordan – 25
  •               Conor – 26
  •               Andre – 26 
  •               Callum – 24

Final Words

“Love Island Australia” season 4 is making quite a noise when it comes to popularity and it is only time we get to know who will win the $50,000. Thus, hoping the best to win “Love Island Australia” season 4 and keep watching the latest season.

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