3 Chicago Med Characters Likely to Leave Season 8

With the exception of Chicago Med, none of the other One Chicago shows have experienced as much cast turnover. Several characters have been eliminated from the medical drama in the past season alone, either due to tragic circumstances, practical (read: offscreen) causes, or a conscious choice to change the show’s trajectory.

As a result, this season has been as thrilling as it has been surprising. Since so many Med characters have come and gone, it’s interesting to speculate about which will return in the future and which will be permanently wiped from existence. Therefore, we compiled this list of the Med characters we think will make the least appearances during the upcoming eighth season.

3 Chicago Med Characters Likely to Leave Season 8
3 Chicago Med Characters Likely to Leave Season 8

Is Dylan Scott in Chicago Med Season 8?

The future seemed bright for Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) at Gaffney Medical Center. Even though he was introduced at the beginning of season 7, at the beginning of season 8, a tragic event in his professional life forced him to abandon Gaffney.

Because of his innate charisma and the connection he had with the rest of the group, many viewers (reasonably so) hoped that Scott would remain a regular cast member for the foreseeable future. It’s still not clear if the writers always planned to kill Scott off so soon, but at this point, they probably won’t.

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Is Pamela Blake in Chicago Med season 8?

Like Scott, season 7’s introduction of Pamela Blake (Sarah Rafferty) made quite an impression. Although she was introduced to the audience as Marcel’s (Dominic Rains) enemy, the two eventually became friendly. Their hostile relationship developed into a passionate one.

Unfortunately, Blake became ill and lost her surgical abilities. She consented to have surgery to fix it, but it was unsuccessful, and her career was cut tragically short as a result. This resulted in her having to leave Gaffney. Given her history with Marcel, it would be interesting to see Blake return, but it seems like Med is taking its time with this one, and we probably won’t see her again until at least season 8.

Is Natalie Manning in Chicago Med Season 8?

In the season 7 premiere, Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) left Chicago Med, marking the beginning of the show’s massive cast turnover in recent years. Even though it hurt to see her depart, Gaffney made the right call in expelling someone who had violated his moral compass.

The fact that Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) have become close over the course of the year makes a reunion between Manning and Will unlikely, but it is still possible. What do we foresee? The eighth season will not feature Manning.

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Last Lines

None of the other One Chicago productions have had as much cast turnover as Chicago Med. Only this past season, several major players in the medical drama have been killed off, either as a result of sad events, practical reasons, or a deliberate decision to alter the show’s narrative.

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