Did Avani And Anthony Break Up? Where Their Relationship Stands Now

Did Avani And Anthony Break Up? Despite being in two competing TikTok houses, TikTok celebrities Anthony Reeves and Avani Gregg have continued to open out about their relationship online. Despite sharing adorable photos of themselves together since November 2019, the couple didn’t make their romance official until April.

However, several of Avani’s recent posts seem to indicate that she hasn’t been emotionally stable lately. Avani, did something happen to her, or did she separate from Anthony?

Are Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves Dating?

In March 2020, the pair made their romance public. However, since they began posting together online in November 2019, admirers have long conjectured that they’ve been together for longer. The couple maintained a low-key relationship throughout their time in the spotlight and up until their breakup in November 2022, offering fans only infrequent glances into their romance.

Avani said to Seventeen in January 2021, “I’ve been observing social media relationships my entire life, and I’m just seeing people getting together, then breaking up over Twitter, and then getting back together, then breaking up in a YouTube video.” “It’s not necessary to put your drama on platforms because then they can comment on your relationship,” the author says.

Did Avani And Anthony Break Up
Did Avani And Anthony Break Up

The beauty expert continued by saying that when they “started chatting,” she and Anthony “didn’t feel the need to publish” about their relationship. “We’re having a really, really fantastic life behind the screen.” Avani continued, “And we just don’t really care if other people are a part of that existence.”

Did Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves Break Up?

In November 2022, split rumors began to circulate. A screenshot of a fan remark asking Avani whether she and Anthony “broke up” after he ostensibly failed to show up for her birthday party was posted on the Instagram account TikTok Room. The TikTok Room captioned their post, “Many people are speculating whether #avani and #anthony are still together.” Anthony didn’t post anything on Avani’s birthday, and he also skipped her party. Additionally, he allegedly lost her spam account’s following.

The TikTok Room published a screenshot of Anthony’s second Instagram account in a different post. In order to fuel breakup rumors, they asserted that he “updated his spam account from Avani’s boyfriend to a new moniker.” Since then, Anthony has confirmed their breakup, but Avani has not yet made any public statements. J-14 asked for comment, but none of the two internet personalities’ representatives quickly replied.

Fans Are Worried About Avani After A Recent TikTok

It’s no secret that being an influencer isn’t always a beautiful lifestyle, and in a recent TikTok video, Avani provided viewers a brief look inside that. The audio from Billie Eilish’s Vanity Fair interview is used in the video, which she uploaded to her profile on September 15.

As she mentions her name, the day, her age, and how many followers she currently has, she clearly has a depressed expression on her face. On the surface, it seems like Avani made this movie as a milestone marker so she may reflect on her progress in a year. Fans, though, weren’t too certain that was all that was happening in the video.

People who think she appears sad are urged to like the comment on the video’s top comment, which is marked with an arrow. Over 91,000 people have liked it as of right now. Okay, the caption raises serious concerns. Is everything alright? Added another follower. Some followers saw the word “hopefully” in her caption and wondered if it hinted at a deeper issue with her mental health.

Another individual asked, “Wait wow beb why u say hopefully.” Since then, Avani has not uploaded any TikTok; however, on her Twitter, she released one in which the question: “If you had 20 minutes to live starting [right now], what would you do]?” was posed to people. “I didn’t even glance at the comments when I started crying after reading the video’s caption. What the hell am I doing?” she wrote in a tweet.

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