Jason David Frank’s Wife Revealed The Cause Of Death

The “Power Rangers” actor committed suicide, according to Jason David Frank’s wife. Tammie Frank came out in a statement given to People to clarify his passing and the nature of their connection. According to her, her spouse “tragically lost his life just last week via suicide.”

He was 49. “Jason was a household name to some, but my family and I led reasonably ordinary lives, complete with highs and lows, like everyone else. The media’s fabrication of my family’s tragedy as a hoax has surprised and devastated me beyond words, she said.

Jason David Frank's Death
Jason David Frank’s Death

Since Jason’s passing, I have faced internet harassment and can no longer bear to see my husband’s reputation defamed. Frank added, “His death comes as much of a shock to me as everyone else,” after stating that she and her husband had been working through some marital issues.

She admitted, “I had no idea Jason was considering breaking things up. Yes, he had previously had depression and mental health problems but I could never have predicted what would happen that night.

Frank said their 19-year marriage had its share of “troubles,” one of which was the recent loss of her daughter Shayla, whom she claimed her husband had assisted in raising.

Frank stated that Jason and I started experiencing marital problems between losing her and helping to raise her infant boy. “I know you understand how such a tragedy impacts everything in your marriage for anyone who has suffered the anguish of losing a child,” the speaker said.

She said that after deciding to divorce, they had changed their minds six weeks earlier and were on a weekend vacation when he passed away. She claimed that they had a touching chat the night before he passed away after returning from an occasion at a pub.

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She explained to People, “I went downstairs to fetch us snacks from the lobby to help Jason relax and sober up before sleeping. “I can’t believe I was gone for more than ten minutes.

Jason David Frank's Death
Jason David Frank’s Death

After returning upstairs, I started hammering on the door but got no response. I kept knocking and yelling his name for him to open the door. Frank urged listeners to “stop forming assumptions and leave my family to grieve calmly” as she concluded her statement.

“All we want to do is recall Jason and our best times together so that we can get over the loss of a loved one. I ask for compassion and understanding in this trying moment,” she said. Thank you for your kind thoughts and well wishes, Jason’s followers and supporters and God bless you every one.

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