Tom Cruise Gay: Rumors That Are Stranger Than Fiction!

Tom Cruise Gay: Although Tom Cruise’s breakthrough performance in Risky Business is frequently cited, it was actually the 1986 Tony Scott action movie Top Gun that set him on the way to becoming one of the greatest action movie stars of our time.

Although Cruise is the face of the stereotypically macho genre, he has been dogged by gay rumors for years, some of which are more ridiculous than others. Let’s dissect some of the wackiest Cruise s*exuality theories.

Tom Cruise Gay

This question doesn’t have a simple solution. Celebrity queerness has long been seen as spicy gossip cuisine that the general public can’t get enough of. Of Tom Cruise, the intrigue has been increased by his passionate personality, enigmatic private life, affiliation with a religious movement that is clouded by rumors regarding how they handle LGBTQ+ individuals, and a streak of failed relationships.

The “same things that have also made him a gay icon,” namely “a classic face, a great figure, and a predisposition toward s*exually ambiguous parts,” are said to be responsible for at least some of Cruise’s star power, according to Salon. While acknowledging that he doesn’t know why people keep assuming that Cruise is gay, Cruise clarifies that he personally identifies as straight in an interview with Vanity Fair when the author asked Cruise why he believes that people “keep murmuring” about him being gay.

I don’t believe it is an indictment, first of all. However, I hadn’t personally heard those rumors until around three months ago. Cruise told Vanity Fair, “I don’t understand why they say it. “I’ve heard everything, including that I’ve had an affair with my wife and that my wife was there on The Firm’s set because she was upset with my love scene on the beach. Although that is untrue, people will still say what they want to.”

Tom Cruise Gay
Tom Cruise Gay

When questioned by the interviewer if actors could be as “big a movie star” as him while being upfront about their s*exuality, Cruise replied, “I feel now that anything is possible. I might be acting naive. But I believe that’s a minor concern now.” “Me specifically? I don’t care, said Cruise. I don’t care whether folks are Martians, the star continued. I couldn’t give a damn. Straight. Gay. Bis*exual. Christian and Jewish.”

4 Tom Cruise Gay Rumors That Are Stranger Than Fiction

To start, we must state that everything included here is just speculative. Tom Cruise has been the subject of some bizarre rumors during his career. All of the rumors are unfounded and almost certainly nothing more than filler for tabloids.

The Real Reason Mimi Rogers Divorced Tom

Tom was married to Gung Ho actress Mimi Rogers, whom he met at a dinner party in 1986, before his well-publicized unions (and divorces) with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. The two actors were married in 1987 in upstate New York, despite the fact that Cruise acknowledged he wasn’t yet prepared for marriage. Unfortunately, the couple was only married for two years; the divorce was finally formalized in 1990. The cause?

Rogers claimed that Cruise was “really thinking of becoming a monk” in a 1993 interview with Playboy, implying that he was celibate for a while during their marriage. At least temporarily, it appeared that marriage wouldn’t meet his total spiritual needs. In order to preserve the purity of his instrument, he believed he had to practice celibacy. She remarked, “My instrument required tuning.”

Many people assumed that since Cruise wasn’t interested in having s*ex with his wife or any other woman, he couldn’t have been s*exually attracted to either of them. Rogers, though, made very little mention of Cruise’s s*exual orientation.

Scientology Offered A Cure For Queerness

After Rogers introduced Cruise to the Church of Scientology, Cruise became one of the leading personalities in this occult movement. Similar to Cruise, the religious movement is still a mystery to those outside of it, who have all kinds of preconceived notions about it. One of these presumptions is that Scientology encourages homophobia and subjects its members to gay conversion therapy.

As a result, some continued to hold on to the notion that Cruise changed to Scientology in order to find a “cure” for his purported “homos*exuality”. Although former queer churchgoers have spoken about their experiences there, neither Cruise nor anybody close to him has ever given any credence to any conjectures regarding his religion and its connection to his s*exuality.

The Alleged Love Affair With P*orn Star Chad Slater

In the early 2000s, gay p*orn star Chad Slater claimed to have had an affair with Cruise in a French magazine. According to Slater, it was this romance that precipitated Cruise’s acrimonious divorce from their second wife Nicole Kidman. Naturally, the s*exuality allegations surrounding Cruise were revived by this revelation.

In response, Cruise filed a slander lawsuit against the p*orn actor for $100 million. The actor’s attorney responded to the decision in his client’s favor by stating that while Cruise “thoroughly respects individuals’ rights to follow their own s*exual choice, he is not a homos*exual and had no relationship of any type with Kyle Bradford and does not even know him.”

The Secret Romance With John Travolta

Even though he retaliated against tabloid publishers, Cruise was once again at the heart of Hollywood rumors in 2015. Star charged Cruise with having an illicit relationship with John Travolta, another Scientology adherent. After watching the actor in Risky Business, Travolta allegedly developed feelings for him and “whisked him away for a week in the wilderness together” – specifically, to an Oregon Scientology school. The two celebrities purportedly dated for 30 years after that.

No one has established the veracity of this particularly strange rumor, unlike the others. No relationship between Cruise and Travolta has been officially established.

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