Where Is Mathew Ray Gubler Reid, From Criminal Minds Evolution?

On Criminal Minds: Evolution, where is Matthew Gray Gubler? Spencer Reid has not yet appeared in any episodes of season 1. At some point shortly, will he? Naturally, we’d like to be seen as a ray of hope in this piece because the show isn’t always the most upbeat. (How is it possible that there are still serial killers?) There is, regrettably, no indication that Reid will appear anytime soon.

If you haven’t heard any of the updates we’ve discussed over the past few weeks, Gubler chose not to return for the Paramount+ relaunch, not the producers, as we previously stated. We are not surprised that Matthew has moved on to various other artistic activities because he occasionally takes time off from the original CBS show to work on other things. He deserves it after contributing significantly to this story and this planet for a long time.

After all of this, the following crucial query is whether or not he might ultimately alter his mind. The answer is yes; it is entirely feasible. They won’t dwell on the fact that Spencer is missing in action but he may be mentioned occasionally. The show’s first two episodes purposefully left the door open for him to finally return.

Where Is Mathew Ray Gubler
Where Is Mathew Ray Gubler

Even though Reid and Matt Simmons are now absent, the BAU’s work continues. We wouldn’t rule out either character being a part of a hypothetical season 2, even if neither appears for the remainder of the current season. Although Paramount+ has not yet confirmed a renewal, it looks likely to be.

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