“Love Island Australia” Season 4 Episode 5: Air Date, Where To Watch and New Wild Card Entry

Welcome to “Love Island Australia” season 4! Here, finding love isn’t that easy. It comes with a lot of drama, heartache, and unforeseen racy moments. Extremely hot and good-looking single Australians are currently locked in the breathtaking Spanish island of Mallorca to find love in the most bizarre and challenging circumstances.

Well, after it started the journey last week, “Love Island Australia” season 4 episode 5 has turned out to be one of the most explosive episodes so far. 

A new bombshell has entered the villa and the first-ever dump of “Love Island Australia” season 4 happened in episode 5. Thus, many new things happened in the estate, and we will learn about all the details regarding “Love Island Australia” season 4, episode 5, right here.

When Did “Love Island Australia” Season 4 Episode 5 Air?

“Love Island Australia” season 4 episode 5 has created dramatic chaos like no other. As this was the fifth episode, many things were new for the audience. They are yet to know and connect with the participants on a personal level.

“Love Island Australia” season 4 episode 5 aired on 6th November 2022 after the show debuted on 31st October 2022 with its first episode. To give you more details about the time, it differs according to the time zones. So, here are the details of the time frame in different areas: 

  •               VIC, TAS, and NSW: 6:00 PM 
  •               SA: 5.30 PM 
  •               QLD: 5.00 PM
  •               NT: 4:30 PM
  •               WA: 3.00 PM

Thus, you can tune in to the show to not miss anything.

Where to Watch “Love Island Australia” Season 4 Episode 5?

Love Island Australia” season 4, hosted by Sophie Monk, can be watched for free on 9Now. However, it is only for Australian folks. Thus, from U.S. audiences, you can stream on Hulu two weeks after the show’s original airing. For other parts of the world, users can use a VPN service to watch it for free.

Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 5
Love Island Australia Season 4 Episode 5

What Happened in “Love Island Australia” Season 4 Episode 5?

The first islander got dumped!

Not all love stories are successful and your host Sophie now needs a name who the islanders will dump. There have been a lot of recoupling and the first two people choosing their connection are Callum picking Layla and Tak picking Holly.

Phoebe then picks Mitch and after a lot of chaos, Claudia chooses Austen as her partner. Jessica then moved forward with Conor.

The ultimate decision lies with Stella, who was initially with Andre and has built a strong connection. However, her heat wasn’t settling for Andre but the mullet guy Jordan. Thus, with a heavy heart, Stella said, “I’ve enjoyed getting to know him, and I believe he’s here for the right reasons. So the boy I’d like to Couple Up with is….”

Hence, Andre became the first ever islander to get dumped. The list of couples currently are: 

  •     Mitch and Phoebe
  •     Jordan and Stella
  •     Callum and Layla
  •     Conor and Jessica
  •     Tak and Holly
  •     Stella and Jordan

A New Islander In Town

An interesting twist was a wild card entry in “Love Island Australia” season 4, episode 5. It was a surprise and a girl to watch out for. Andre may have exited, but here comes Maddy, eagerly waiting to have a date on the beach with two guys she picked for the first meet-up. And guess who it is? Well, it is Callum and Austen and of course, Claudia is not happy with that.

She shouts at the Beat Hut and says, “I’ve got a message for Maddy. Back the f–k off! Go Away!”

Callum joins the conversation and says, “It’s either gonna go two ways,” “She’s either gonna be a hot Maddy or a minging Maddy.” “Ahh, what a gentleman.”

“From that text, she’s got to be hot!”

To give a brief about Maddy, she is 26 years olds HR advisor from Perth. In the introduction video, Maddy said, “I would describe myself as very flirty… I’ll compete with a few girls. I’ll show the OG’s how it’s done.”

Thus, “Love Island Australia” season 4 episode 5 undoubtedly got chaotic and messy.

Final Words

Did you think this is the worst that can happen in “Love Island Australia” season 4? Bless yourself since the upcoming reality show episodes will get intense with time. So, watch “Love Island Australia” season 4, episode 5, and prepare for the next attacks that will blow your mind.

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