MTailor Net Worth: How Successful Was His Pitch On “Shark Tank”?

MTailor Net Worth: Have you seen the MTailor-starring Shark Tank episode? Well, that was among the best Shark Tank episodes to date. Do you ever wonder how much money MTailor is worth? Although men’s fashion is important, it rarely receives attention in the textile sector. MTailor entered the market to solve the issue.

First, the best-customized apparel for men is produced by the clothing company MTailor. The concept also emphasizes doing away with the measuring scale and replacing it with a phone camera. Additionally, there are about 10,000 different fits in the collection. Additionally, the clothing produced is not plain but enhanced by technology. Let’s investigate the company further to learn how much MTailor is worth.

What Is MTailor?

Many people are having issues because of the sizes employed in the internet purchasing sector. Rarely are the garments you purchase the desired size and fit. The brand’s application is around 20% more accurate than tailors, which is its most outstanding feature.

MTailor Net Worth
MTailor Net Worth

When we have MTailor, why do we even need tailors? Despite being successful businesspeople, Miles Penn and Rafi Witten were dissatisfied with the sizes of internet shops, which is how they came up with the concept for this fantastic company. MTailor has made it very clear that there is nothing that artificial intelligence and machine learning can’t accomplish. The company gained notoriety after appearing on the Shark Tank program.

What Is MTailor Net Worth?

Whatever happened on the show, MTailor is currently thought to be worth $25 million. Additionally, MTailor makes a monthly profit of about $500,000.

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How Effective Was MTailor’s Pitch On “Shark Tank”?

A 10% ownership in Miles’ business, MTailor, would be exchanged for $2.5 million, according to the offer he made on the program. With the sharks, Miles related his experiences with malls and online shopping, including how the latter has consistently let him down. During the program, Miles demonstrated how to order the ideal shirt from more than 10,000 styles and colors. Miles also brought up the show’s financial aspect.

About half of what tailors charge is included in the price of an average shirt on the app, which runs around 69 dollars. Returns-related business incidents were also mentioned. When Miles dug a little more, he discovered that while returns occur in retail stores at a rate of about 25%, they do not happen at MTtailor. Isn’t that awe-inspiringly shocking? At first, all five sharks were interested in the offer, but subsequently, they began to doubt his technology and refused to proceed.

MTailor Net Worth
MTailor Net Worth

What Happened After Shark Tank?

MTailor wasn’t paid for appearing on the show, but it didn’t hinder the company’s growth. Khosla Ventures contributed about $5.2 million to MTailor’s funding in 2018. Venture funding has been invested in MTailor to roughly $7.2 million. Additionally, the brand wasn’t affected by COVID-19 thanks to the makers’ innovative thinking; instead, they launched MTailor Masks, a new business where a mask was included with every shirt.

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