Why is Everyone on Twitter Getting a Yellow Checkmark?

This week, Twitter got a shiny new yellow checkmark, but nobody seems to know what it means. This comes as Elon Musk, who recently bought the most shares of Twitter, keeps making changes to the social media site.

Since his purchase of the social media site came to an end on October 27, 2022 the billionaire has been adding new features to Twitter. In November, he started a new service called Twitter Blue, which lets people pay to be verified and get a blue checkmark.

Many people didn’t like the new feature, which made the blue tick less special and led to fakes on the site. Musk has now also made a new yellow checkmark. Read on to learn everything about it…

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A Yellow Checkmark on Twitter: What Does It Mean?

The yellow checkmark, which should be gold, shows that the profile is for a business or company. Elon announced this in a tweet at the end of November, saying: “Gold check for companies, grey check for governments, blue for individuals (celebrities or not). Painful, but necessary.”

“Individuals can have a secondary tiny logo to show they belong to an organisation if verified as such by that organisation,” he added in another tweet.

In a blog post, Twitter said that the “official” labels were replaced by the new feature, which went live on Monday, December 12. With Twitter Blue for Business, a gold tick means that the account is an official business account.

Elon Musk Brings Back Twitter Blue

The billionaire also brought back the Twitter Blue subscription on the same day. It had been turned off because of all the trouble with impersonators.

“Starting today, we’re re-enabling Twitter Blue sign-ups on iOS and web. Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to subscriber-only features such as Edit Tweet, 1080p video uploads and reader mode,” Twitter said.

“Subscribers will also receive a blue checkmark after their accounts are reviewed to ensure they meet all of our requirements, including our rules against impersonation.”

Since Twitter Blue was responsible for a flood of imposter accounts pretending to be famous people and organisations on November 11, the functionality has been disabled.

@EliLillyandCo is the name of a new verified account that was made by one person. Insulin is made by three big companies and Eli Lilly is one of them.

On Friday, November 11, the account tweeted, “We are excited to announce that insulin is now free!” and the message went viral right away.

After the fake tweet stayed on Twitter for hours, the real drug company Eli Lilly and Co. had to issue a statement of apology. “We apologise to those who have been served a misleading message from a fake Lilly account. Our official Twitter account is @LillyPad,” they said.

Twitter has warned that accounts that break its rules about impersonating other people could be “suspended without a refund.”

Gray Checkmark Coming Soon

Soon, a new grey checkmark for government and multilateral accounts will also be available. The purpose of Twitter’s profile labels is to “give more information about” and “help tell apart” different types of accounts.

With a subscription, people can’t buy grey or gold checkmarks. With Twitter Blue, you can only buy blue ticks… For more such updaters do follow us only on Lee Daily.

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