Have Nelson and Olivia Broken Up or Are They Still Together?

As a spin-off of MTV’s “The Real World” and “Road Rules,” “The Challenge” brings together contestants from different MTV shows. The candidates compete against each other in a series of difficult tasks that get harder with each level.

Those who fail a challenge are sent home, but those who win the final challenge get a large amount of money that they usually split. Fans of “The Challenge” have been very interested in the relationship between contestants Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser.

This is because the show has led to many fairytale romances over the years. At first, the two had to go through rough times, but their commitment helped them get through.

Fans are naturally interested in how Nelson and Olivia’s relationship is going now. Let’s find out, shall we?

Nelson and Olivia’s The Challenge Journey

Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser met at the end of season 38, which was called “Ride or Dies.” They liked each other right away. Fans were curious about who came up with Olivia’s plan to get herself and her rookie partner, Horacio, into trouble.

Also, Nelson’s win in his first daily challenge after 54 failed attempts made people curious. On the show, the two played so well together that it was hard to tell who was better.

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Nelson’s feelings for Olivia didn’t come as a surprise after her bold move that made rookie history. Olivia was a very smart person. Fans were shocked though when Nelson chose to get rid of his new girlfriend Olivia.

He chose to save his friend Faisal, who had betrayed him in the show, instead of his love interest. Olivia did not plan to do this, and she was just as shocked as the fans. When your on-screen partner and ex think you should have picked your girlfriend instead of your friend who betrayed you, you know you made a mistake.

The relationship had already started to fall apart, and this was not the best thing to do. So, do they still go out together? Did they find a way to get past their differences? Let’s find out.

Is it true that Nelson and Olivia are still together?

Unfortunately, Nelson Thomas and Olivia Kaiser broke up soon after filming was done. Even though they loved each other, they were at different stages of love. Olivia talked about why they broke up and what the main problem was on the “The Challenge Mania” podcast.

She said that Nelson was more interested in the relationship than she was, and that’s why they broke up. She wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and didn’t want to lead Nelson on. Olivia said that she loved him, but she wasn’t ready to give up her fun life, so they didn’t agree.

Even though Olivia said over and over that what happened with Faisal didn’t bother her and had nothing to do with the breakup and that she just wanted him to do what was best for him, we can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Sometimes, you should go with your gut and not support a friend who has betrayed you. At the moment, they are not together, and they are each focusing on their own lives.

Nelson is focused on his clothing brand, Level-up and his personal training business. Olivia, on the other hand is obsessed with her Scottsdale-based cosmetology business, Livbeautifullyaz, which is doing very well.

We want the best for them in their lives and hope they have a great future… Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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