Drag Race Season 15: Who Are New 16 Queens And Where Can Watch It ?

Drag Race Season 15: They say that size doesn’t matter… But not in the case of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Henny. The show will return next year for what is expected to be its most successful season yet: It’s being moved to a more extensive network, MTV. It has the most queens of any time: 16. It also has the largest cash prize of $200,000. (Let’s hope this doesn’t add too much to the episode count.) The season begins with two episodes on the unlucky date of January 6 at 8 p.m. ET. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Drag Race season 15.

Meet 16 Queens

As with every season of Drag Race, our cast includes newcomers and familiar faces. There are our first twins, the TikTok-famous Sugar, and Spice, as rumored. (Move over, Instagram queens: we’re casting TikTok queens now — and they’re not the only ones.) And after 15 seasons, we finally have our first Miami queen, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx.

Irene Dubois, drag sister of Season 14 finalist Bosco, and Kerri Colby’s legendary drag mother, Sasha Colby, are both in attendance. Oh, and a quarter of our racers have ties to Connecticut. New York, step aside! Get to know the queens of season 15 by reading their official bios below — and good luck keeping all 16 straight.


Amethyst, a cross between a pop princess and a meme queen, is coming to clarify one thing: She is charming, funny, and… here to slay. Her wacky humor has earned her millions of views on TikTok, and she now wants to prove to the world why she’s the crowning achievement of the Connecticut drag scene!


Anetra, a self-described stunt queen straight out of Sin City, is capable of performing splits, dips, and all the other moves necessary to rule the stage. She may appear unassuming at times, but quiet waters carry great depth. She is also prepared to eliminate each of the other queens one by one because of her excellent tae-kwon-do abilities. Cut until you’re dead!

Aura Mayari

It’s time to succumb to Aura Mayari’s entrancing aura! This high-kicking, high-energy Filipina queen is renowned in Nashville for crushing the stages. And be careful since she gives her drag a hint of s*xual swagger.

Drag Race Season 15
                                                                                             Drag Race Season 15

Irene Dubois

Earthlings, pay attention: The Alien Queen is here! Irene Dubois combines Texan elegance with Seattle wit and grit to create a bold and extraordinary persona! You can also expect colorful, lavish drag with a dash of high drama from her because she is Bosco’s drag sister!


Jax is here to make things jump because there will be flips and twirls galore! The self-described drag Simone Biles grew up participating in competitive cheer and gymnastics, and she is now prepared to compete for gold in the Olympics of drag! She developed her style in Connecticut as a mashup of banjee and Haute hip-hop honey. Bam!

Loosey LaDuca

Construction worker by day, drag queen singing and dancing at night… Loosey LaDuca is prepared to use all of her resources to succeed! Loosey is the epitome of showgirl sass and campy charisma—a perfectionist powerhouse performer with gorgeous curves and 12 years in the Connecticut drag scene. She is a queen with everything. She needs a crown right now.

Luxx Noir London

The diva-Licious dazzler was ordered by who? The only thing that rivals Luxx Noir London’s unique style is her no-holds-barred attitude. She is always willing to say it how it is! Even though Luxx is the youngest queen this season, she has the self-assurance to win the competition. Ask her!

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

The unique and inspirational Malaysia Babydoll Foxx is the first Miami queen to ever appear on the Drag Race main stage, believe it or not! This outspoken foxy mother brings seasoned skills and thrills to the competition and is not afraid to educate these younger queens on what real drag is! She is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist to the stars!

Marcia Marcia Marcia

She’s mom’s favorite and the most popular girl at school! Marcia Marcia Marcia, that’s me! This Broadway prodigy from New York City performs in multiple genres on the main stage. She has more than just a hunch; she is prepared to follow through!

Mistress Isabelle Brooks

We don’t have an issue, Houston! Mistress Isabelle Brooks, a native Texan, is the picture of traditional southern drag! She refers to herself as “Houston’s Heavyweight Champ,” and you can bet she arrived with plenty of punch. Our Miss Brooks was reared in the glittering world of Texas drag and is now ready to take over the school. She is brave, flashy, and full of attitude.

Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy, who hails from San Francisco and seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale, gives the competition both beauty and a distinctive edge. She acts, dances, sings and raps. All of it was presented with a dark sense of humor. This young Princess wants a new crown despite already being a TikTok sensation.

Robin Fierce

Let Robin Fierce, Connecticut’s grand diva, take the stage! This unashamedly posh beauty, with a Beyoncé sass and Diahann Carroll class blend, is prepared to shine her light for the world. Although she occasionally gives off a relaxed feeling, when she takes the stage, be prepared for days’ worth of kicks and cartwheels!

Salina EsTitties

Hola! A brassy, feisty Latina diva is representing Los Angeles, Salina EsTitties! Salina is a take-no-prisoners artist who describes herself as a furious combination of Chola street flair and campy humor. This naughty sister keeps herself occupied and active with work in the bar scene, TV, movies, and commercials. She has an oversized tongue, a significant drag, and big winning ambitions.

Sasha Colby

The legendary ruler of the Colby family has come! Sasha is a powerful queen who is well-known for her remarkable reign as Miss Continental and for being the drag mother of Kerri Colby. This goddess from Hawaii has dominated drag stages for 20 years; she must live up to her illustrious reputation. Sasha is fierce, serving the body, beauty, and bodacious all-around talent. Officially.

Drag Race Season 15
                                                                                               Drag Race Season 15


A new social media sensation named Sugar has debuted, so we hope you have a sweet craving! Although she and her TikTok twin sister, Spice, arrived as a pair, Sugar is eager to taste success on her alone when it comes to winning the Drag Race championship. But how can you distinguish between these twins? It is simple, says Sugar. I’m the more attractive one.


Spice has come with her TikTok-superstar sister, Sugar, and is making history as one-half of the first-ever identical twin contenders on Drag Race! Although these living dolls are fresh to the stage, they are prepared to quadruple this season’s fun and drama. Note that Spice is the more edgy team member and is prepared to show that she has enough taste to stand independently.

Where Can I Watch It?

VH1 is off and dancing. After six seasons on its sister network, RuPaul’s Drag Race will move to MTV, the program announced on December 12. I apologize to anyone looking for their Friday night dose of ridiculousness! When the season-13 premiere of Drag Race was simultaneously shown on MTV, MTV2, the CW, and other channels in 2021, it served as a test run for MTV.

And it’s only the most recent change for the franchise, following All-Stars’ moves to Paramount+ for season six in 2021 and Drag Race from LogoTV to VH1 for season nine in 2017. unable to keep up? WOW Presents Plus is there for you.)

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