Hiker Dies After Falling 300 Feet From Mt. Willard in New Hampshire

Authorities say that a man who was hiking near the top of Mt. Willard in New Hampshire fell 300 feet to his death. New Hampshire Fish and Game said in a news release that the man was hiking with his wife on Saturday morning when he fell and yelled for help.

“The hiker’s wife heard her husband yell and looked over to notice him falling over the edge of the mountain down a steep cliff that extended to the bottom approximately 800 feet,” the release said. “Due to the icy conditions and steepness of the terrain, the hiker’s wife called 911 for assistance.”

New Hampshire Fish and Game says that when people from the Mountain Rescue Service and conservation officers came to help the man, they found him dead about 300 feet below the summit.

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“Technicians were able to rappel down the cliff and eventually located the hiker at approximately 2:30 p.m.,” the release said. The hiker’s name was not given out by the authorities, but CNN spoke with his boss on Monday morning.

Rob Arey, who is in charge of marketing, says that the man was Joe “Eggy” Eggleston. He was a passionate steam engineer who worked for the Mount Washington Cog Railway for about 30 years.

Arey said that Eggleston lost his hearing as a child because he had meningitis. However, he was very good at reading lips and loved to take pictures while hiking.

“He absolutely loved hiking, so he died doing what he loved,” Arey told CNN in a phone call. In a Facebook post about Eggleston’s death on Monday, the Mount Washington Cog Railway said it was “still processing the terrible news.”

“Eggy, living gracefully with profound hearing loss since childhood, once said to us ‘where else could a deaf man fulfil his dream of running a steam locomotive?’ His passion for The Cog was evident to anyone who ever shared a moment, or a shift, with him.”

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