Last Chance U Basketball Season 2: Incredible Story Of The Underdogs?

The players on John Mosley’s team face personal obstacles as they strive to be at the top of their game in the second season of “Last Chance U Basketball,” which tracks their journey. Netflix is currently streaming the show.

Last Chance U Basketball Season 2 Storyline

After the epidemic, in August 2021, Mosley returned to East Los Angeles College to coach his squad and develop their potential. The gamers concentrate on the game to escape their harsh world and to establish themselves while dealing with their troubles. To better themselves and their family’s futures, they strive to play better, be better, and win a Division I or Division II scholarship.

A different family adopted Shemar Morrow because his mother believed he would live a better life there. He frequently needs to find a place to sleep and rarely sees his mother or sister. The son of an NBA player, Demetrius Calip II, popularly known as DC, is determined to carry on his father’s legacy. He finds it difficult to connect with the coach since he is endearing yet unyielding.

Last Chance U Basketball Season 2
                                                              Last Chance U Basketball Season 2

Seven-footer Bryan Penn-Johnson has struggled with life’s challenges, including living in a shelter for the homeless. He strives to be a dependable player because he wants to please his family. Damani Whitlock first has a cardiac condition but is remarkably recovering. His game reflects how difficult his life has been. Mosley believes he is the ideal player.

Dezmond Washington had to mature more quickly than the other students because he was a teen father. He needs to put his family first, even though he wants to give basketball his all. Josh Phillips, a basketball player with autism, excels on the court. He tries to be as constant as he can, even if there are occasions when he can become very frustrated.

Due to their aspirations, these community college students participate in this game. Their coach hopes to leverage the fact that they have lived in poverty and desperation their entire lives to motivate them to play well on the court and advance to the state championship tournament. The documentary shows how the players, limited by resources, used their emotions to their advantage and gave everything they had to win every game.


Specific actions can appear excessive, too performative, and written for a docuseries. It attempts to comprehensively cover practically every person’s hardships, occasionally giving the impression that it is dragging. There are undoubtedly times when it is boring and viewers may lose interest.

Last Chance U Basketball Season 2
                                                                      Last Chance U Basketball Season 2

Verdict of Last Chance U Basketball Season 2

Every basketball enthusiast should put “Last Chance U Basketball” this season on their watch list. Even non-basketball fans will find themselves grinning and giggling alongside the players. It is a compelling, inspiring sports documentary that genuinely tries to inspire its audience.

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