Is Small Fortune Season 2 Coming Back?

Season 2 of Small Fortune was canceled or was it renewed? What time does NBC broadcast it? Fans wonder if the show will return for a second season now that season 1 has ended. We have outlined the current information regarding the upcoming season in one post.

What Is The Release Date Of Small Fortune Season 2?

On July 19, 2021, the series’ final episode was shown in the US. Is “Small Fortune” coming back for a second season? When will Small Fortune’s upcoming season premiere? Learn more below! NBC has not decided whether to cancel or continue Small Fortune Season 2. The formal update on the show’s status is still pending. When we have more data, we’ll update this status.

Small Fortune Season 2
                                                                                     Small Fortune Season 2

What Is The Storyline Of Small Fortune Season 2?

The first episode of Lil Rel Howery’s new team competition game show “Small Fortune” airs on NBC on Monday, May 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The show is a British import that is unlike any team competition ever seen on American television. It is based on the well-liked U.K. format created by Youngest Media.

Teams of three from various backgrounds, including first responders and Olympians from all across the country, collaborate in each heart-pounding episode to gain a chance to compete for the $250,000 cash prize in the “Big Little Heist” finale game.

Each team must first demonstrate its abilities on a series of microscopic playing grounds, from a condensed sushi conveyor belt with teeny chopsticks (dubbed “Teeny Sashimi”) to a scaled-down version of Ellis Island (dubbed “Statue of Liberteeny”). With games this small, there is no room for error as the slightest miscalculation or shake may result in losing tens of thousands of dollars. Challenges will require significant skill and extreme focus.

Small Fortune Season 2
                                                                                                        Small Fortune Season 2

Howery escalates the stakes in the eight-episode series by fusing his brand of humor with encouragement to keep the players on their toes and the spectator just as worried and entertained. Howery just released the popular HBO comedy special “Lil Rel Howery: Live in Crenshaw,” which ranked as the best hourlong comedy special of 2019. He gained notoriety in movies for his performances as TSA agent Rod Williams in the Oscar-winning “Get Out,” Charlie in the Netflix sensation “Bird Box,” and most recently Wayne in the Oscar-nominated “Judas and The Black Messiah.”

In the critically acclaimed NBC series “The Carmichael Show,” which also starred Tiffany Haddish as his ex-wife, he played Bobby, Jerrod Carmichael’s brother. Howery made a name for himself with his comic series, “Rel” on Fox, and he has since contributed his skills to shows like “Insecure” on HBO and “Southside” on Comedy Central, among others.

The U.K. format’s creator and producer Youngest Media and Universal Television Alternative Studio collaborated to create “Small Fortune.” Along with Steve Barry and Joe Braswell, who will act as executive producers for Kelchris and the series’ showrunners, Lucas Church and David Flynn will serve as executive producers for Youngest Media. Additionally, Lil Rel Howery executive produces.

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