The Santa Clauses Season 2: Is There a Possibility of Renewal on Disney+?

When he accidentally knocked the genuine king of Christmas off his roof in The Santa Clause (1994), a humble toy salesman made a mistake of Santa-sized proportions. Since Santa couldn’t save Christmas, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) had to play the role of the jolly old elf himself. The Santa Clauses, a series on Disney Plus, brings back Santa Scott Calvin.

The events of The Santa Clauses occur 28 years after Scott first donned the red suit and white beard. Since his first “Ho, ho, ho,” however, his career and his reputation as Santa Claus have lost their luster in his family’s eyes. What will happen when Scott relinquishes his beloved title of “Mr. Claus”? Is it possible that The Santa Clauses will return for a second season? The facts are as follows.

The Santa Clauses Season 2
The Santa Clauses Season 2

Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘The Santa Clauses’ on Disney Plus?

The Santa Clauses is described as a limited series in the official Disney Plus news release. That usually signifies the show will be canceled after its first season. Disney Plus subscribers may see the first two episodes of The Santa Clauses right now. What is the remaining episode count for Season 1 of The Santa Clauses if Season 2 will not be happening?

The last season of The Santa Clauses will consist of four episodes. The debut consisted of two episodes, as is customary for Disney Plus, but the remaining four episodes will drop weekly. So, if Disney Plus follows this pattern, when can we expect to see the season finale of The Santa Clauses? Will I have it in time for Christmas?

When is the Series Finale of ‘The Santa Clauses’?

The final episode of The Santa Clauses will premiere on Disney Plus on December 14, 2022, per the show’s standard release schedule of one episode each week. Does Disney’s decision to label the show as a limited series indicate that it won’t return for the holidays in the following year? Not at all! A second season of The Santa Clauses could be produced if the show receives sufficient viewership.

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And if viewing The Santa Clauses makes you miss the classic holiday movie from 1994, you needn’t worry. Disney Plus subscribers may also see all three films in the Santa Clause series (or SCU, as they’re also called).

Are Any of the Original Cast Members in ‘The Santa Clauses’?

With Elizabeth Mitchell also returning as Scott Calvin’s wife, Tim Allen makes a triumphant comeback as the character. In The Santa Clauses, Eric Lloyd has a cameo as Scott’s son Charlie, while David Krumholtz reprises his role as the original renowned elf Bernard.

We have quite a few minor cameos, and I hope for many more, should we come back, ever, Elizabeth teased to The Wrap, implying that the cameos might increase in future episodes. The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses are available to watch now on Disney Plus.

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Last Lines

In The Santa Clause (1994), a lowly toy salesman makes an error of Santa-sized proportions when he mistakenly knocks the real king of Christmas off his roof. Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) played Santa Claus because he had to salvage Christmas after Santa Claus failed to arrive. In the Disney Plus series The Santa Clauses, Scott Calvin reprises his role as Santa.

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