What Happened to Emmett Walsh in Yellowstone Was Explained

Many fans of Yellowstone, who consider themselves an extension of the Dutton family, have grown to adore the show’s cast throughout its five seasons.

As a result, saying goodbye to any of the characters we’ve grown to know and love since the show’s debut in 2018 may be incredibly difficult.

That was Emmett Walsh’s fate in Yellowstone season 5, episode 6, but who was he and what exactly happened to him?

Who is Emmett Walsh on Yellowstone?

Emmett Walsh was a seasoned rancher from Montana who had known John Dutton for a very long time.

He debuted in the first episode of Yellowstone in 2018 and has since made irregular appearances, showing up in eight episodes.

Emmett was the former leader of Montana Fish and Game and the head of the Stockgrowers Association.

What Happened to Emmett Walsh in Yellowstone
What Happened to Emmett Walsh in Yellowstone

Buck Taylor will play Emmett in the show. He has a wealth of experience playing Western characters, with his best-known appearance coming in the CBS series Gunsmoke, where he played Newly O’Brian for more than 100 episodes between 1967 and 1975.

The 84-year-old actor, in addition to his part in Gunsmoke, also starred in the 2016 film Hell Or High Water, Tombstone, The Legend Of The Lone Ranger, Cowboys & Aliens, and Cowboys & Aliens.

The fifth season of the riveting neo-Western television series Yellowstone is presently airing. The season has captured the audience’s interest with its captivating narrative and cast acting. On Sunday, December 11, 2022, the most recent episode of the season—episode 6—was broadcast exclusively on Paramount.

Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow, and You were the episode’s name. According to Paramount, the official synopsis for Yellowstone season 5, episode 6 was as follows:

“The Duttons and the Yellowstone enjoy an almost perfect day branding cattle; Montana gets an unexpected visitor from outside; Sarah continues to sink her teeth into Jamie; Rainwater deals with a challenger from within.”

One of the beloved characters of the audience, Emmett Walsh, played by renowned actor Buck Taylor, was tragically killed off in the Yellowstone episode. As a result, actor Buck Taylor left the hit Paramount series Yellowstone following the tragic death of the character Emmett Walsh.

Cattle Round-up in Episode 6

The yearly gathering of everyone on the Dutton ranch to bring up the cattle allowed to graze free throughout the winter was the subject of episode 6 of Yellowstone season 5.

John took a much-needed respite from his duties as Montana’s governor, and his longtime buddy Emmett Walsh was among the cowboys enlisted to assist.

Walsh revealed the importance of having a cowboy like John as Montana’s governor as John and Emmett shared a sweet moment while they tented out beneath the big Montana sky.


What Happened to Emmett Walsh in Yellowstone?

Emmett Walsh passed away peacefully during Yellowstone season 5, episode 6.

After their insightful discussion the night before, John awoke to discover that Emmett had passed away during the night.

Walsh passed away from natural causes after a long life spent with the rigors of ranching. Thus there was no foul play to be found.

John was keen to note that Emmett passed away “on the trail, as every cowboy dreams it,” just how he would have preferred.

After Emmett passed away, John returned to the ranch to inform Walsh’s widow, and a TV crew that John’s assistant Clara had recruited for the forthcoming branding event captured the moment on camera.

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