Are You Unable To Access Gocomics Right Now…What Happened To The Website?

If you enjoy comics, you probably already know that one of the finest websites for finding fresh strips every day is GoComics. But recently, the site’s followers have been griping that it appears to be having technical issues, leaving some to worry about when it will go back up. Unfortunately, it’s still not entirely clear how to respond to that.

What Happened To The GoComics Website?

Uncertainty surrounds what exactly transpired with GoComics, but it is evident that the website is currently down. When you try to find it, you’ll probably see the following message: “The requested service is momentarily out of commission. Either it is overworked or in need of repair. Please give it another shot later.” Fans have wondered when the site will go back online due to the lengthy outage.


On November 20, the website’s Twitter account apologized for its systems outage. “We’re making a lot of effort to resolve the problem. A status update will be sent as soon as it is available. I appreciate your endurance.” It’s unknown when the site might go back online because they haven’t given any further updates since this writing. Some people are already venting their frustrations online over the ongoing problem.

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Fans Are Upset That The Website Is Down

Many of the site’s most frequent users found it annoying that even though the tweet was sent during the day on Sunday, the outage has been occurring for far longer than that.

Although I appreciate the notice, it would have been more considerate to inform your large subscription base immediately. I consider this to be a significant management error. “One user tweeted nothing. “Compared to the six hours ago when this tweet was posted, it has been down much longer. I’m anticipating at least a six-month subscription credit for this “Another individual added.

“This frustrates me. Even though they are just comic strips, I read them every morning to prepare for work. Hopefully, the website will go live very soon! “Another author wrote. The outage is undoubtedly impacting numerous users, and given that many of them pay for site subscriptions, it appears that they expect to be reimbursed later for the current problems the website is having.

GoComics has not provided any additional information regarding why the website is down. However, some have theorized that the site may face a ransomware attack. Whatever the cause, GoComics may find it challenging to maintain its subscription base in the wake of this catastrophe. Some users may be dissatisfied with the lack of communication surrounding the outage and the outage in general. Website crashes were once prevalent, but as the internet has developed, they have become progressively less frequent.

But, as GoComics demonstrates, they are still feasible. Furthermore, because they are so unexpected, when they do occur, they frequently make consumers even more frustrated.

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