Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded Release Date, Multiplayer, Operators And All We Know So Far

The first Special Ops Raid for Modern Warfare 2: Atomgrad has debuted as part of Season 1 Reloaded. With this new mission, join your fellow Operators in the battle of Urzikstan. Learn more about the Season 1 Reloaded DLC for Modern Warfare, including the Atomgrad Special Ops Raid, holiday-themed shipments, new Operators, and more, on this page of IGN’s Modern Warfare 2 wiki guide.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded Release Date and Time

On December 14, 2022, at 1 p.m. Eastern, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 1 Reloaded go on sale. It will launch simultaneously on all platforms. On the day the upgrade goes live, there will likely be at least a few minor server difficulties, as usual. Because pre-instillation tends to differ from player to player, confirm if it is offered in advance.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded
                                                                                                                   Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded

New Special Ops Raid: Atomgrad

Explore a hidden bunker in Urzikstan with Price, Farah, and Gaz for the chance to unlock a new yet recognizable Operator for multiplayer and special operations. Thank you for visiting Special Ops Raid Atomgrad. You must obtain a Raid Assignment to participate in the Atomgrad Special Operations Raid. A Raid Assignment can be received in the following ways:

  • Complete a specific Daily Challenge in Special Ops or Multiplayer.
  • Place in any Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale Playlist’s top 20 positions.
  • Use the last extraction helicopter in the DMZ with at least $30,000 in cash.
  • You and your squadmates have access to the Raid for an entire week after earning a Raid Assignment.

New Multiplayer and Holiday Shipment

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer now features a new map. On a small cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic, engage in combat. The remainder of Season 1 Reloaded will include the map in highlighted Playlists. The Shipment will have a unique seasonal makeover from December 21, 2022, until January 4, 2023.

New Operators: Gaz and Klaus

Yes, Klaus is visiting the area. Klaus Fisker, a Denmark’s Elite Special Forces member, may be unlocked by purchasing the Klaus Operator Bundle from the in-game shop. This Operator can see through the darkest of nights thanks to his scotopic eyesight.

Kyle “Gaz” Garrick should not be overlooked. Operator Gaz and his Convoy skin can be unlocked by completing the Atomgrad Special Ops Raid, or you can buy Operator Gaz and his Aquatic skin together in a bundle from the in-game store. To access the Grass Ops skin, complete the Raid and buy the in-game store bundle.

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New Weapon: Chimera

In Warzone 2, the Chimera Assault Rifle has been made available as an Operator’s Primary Weapon. This assault rifle is short- to medium-range capable and includes an inbuilt silencer. By completing its Weapon Challenge or buying it in a package from the in-game Store, you can unlock the Chimera.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded
                                                                                                               Modern Warfare 2 Season 1 Reloaded

New Social Feature: Groups

You may find or build your communities with the new Groups social function, which is accessible via the Social menu. A single Group can contain up to 5,000 players. Each Group may have its theme or shared interest, similar to a guild, and may use the following labels:

  • Call of Duty mode preferences, such as “Veterans Only” or “New Player Friendly,” or player experiences preferences, such as Battle Royale, DMZ, and Multiplayer.
  • Interests outside of games, such as entertainment, gaming, or sports.
  • Playing for enjoyment just being weekend warriors, being active every day, etc.
  • Association with a team in the Call of Duty League or with a streamer.

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