Who Is In the Cast of Survivor 44?

A lot has changed over Survivor’s many years on the air, but one thing has stayed the same: Jeff Probst as host. It should therefore come as no surprise that the Emmy-winning host will once again be the series’ public face when Survivor Season 44 premieres in the early years of 2023.

What Survivor means to me is beyond words. Impossible, Probst, the show’s executive producer, and head writer told Entertainment Weekly on December 7. Beyond the realm of artistic production and scholarly acclaim, it goes further. It’s not what it seems. This fits in perfectly with the values I attempt to instill in our team.

It’s about being a good ‘tribe member,’ about being receptive to new ideas and people, and about pushing myself further than I think I can go. The advantages that the contestants in Survivor enjoy are also mine. I still need Survivor even though I adore it.

CBS’s reality competition Survivor has aired for an impressive 43 seasons, but that hasn’t diminished the show’s enduring popularity. This is everything we know so far about Survivor 44, which does not have a specific theme.

Who Is In the Cast of Survivor 44
Who Is In the Cast of Survivor 44

Who Is In The Survivor Season 44 Cast?

Probst said the show’s best “energetic,” “likable,” “diverse,” “layered,” and “iconic” players were found by just two casting producers in the show’s 22-year run. CBS has not yet revealed the season’s new castaways, but previous cast members won’t be returning. For the time being, Probst told EW, they are concentrating on “the thrill of new players,” but “you never know when an idea will spark and we’ll be picking up the phone to start phoning former players, hoping they say yes!”

Meanwhile, CBS’ diversity requirement in 2020 requires that every unscripted cast be at least 50% Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, which is perfectly timed with Survivor’s “new era” (BIPOC). CBS Entertainment Group president and CEO George Cheeks said in a November 2020 statement, as reported by Deadline, that the reality TV genre is “an area that is especially underrepresented,” and that “greater inclusivity” was needed throughout the process of creating the shows.

The promises made today are “critical initial steps in seeking new voices to create content and further broadening the diversity in our unscripted programming, as well as on our network” as the company works to “enhance all of these creative aspects.”

What Is The Survivor Season 44 Release Date?

In a self-filmed driving video on November 14th, Probst revealed that the two-hour premiere of Survivor 44 would air on March 1st. He hinted, “Survivor continues on,” and said “additional details” would be revealed as the premiere date got near.

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What Is The Survivor Season 44 Location?

The forthcoming season of Survivor, which CBS apparently recorded concurrently with Season 43, will be filmed in Fiji, just as in every season since Season 33 in 2016. Probst, explaining the abbreviated episodes in 2021, said, “The decision to change the game to 26 days arose from the fact that we couldn’t leave our bubble.”


“Therefore, we had to film both seasons simultaneously if we were going to make them. It would have taken us nearly 100 days, including a 14-day quarantine between seasons, to film two seasons of 39 days each.

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Last Lines

There have been numerous shifts in the Survivor cast throughout the years, but one constant is the show’s presenter, Jeff Probst. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a huge shock that the Emmy-winning host would return for Survivor Season 44’s launch in early 2023.

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