Who Won ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3? How Much Money Was Left Over?

Ten hot singletons entered the Turks & Caicos Islands villa just six months after Too Hot To Handle Season 2 ended, eager for sun, sea, and lots of s*x.

However, they immediately realized that kissing, s*x, vigorous stroking, and self-gratification were prohibited because they were on the Netflix dating series Too Hot To Handle.

The aim is to establish meaningful ties for the chosen candidates due to their propensity only to have passing interactions. The $200,000 cash award is deducted each time they violate one of the stringent guidelines Lana, their virtual assistant, has set.

The winning couple can only be one couple. Here is the Season 3 winners of Too Hot To Handle and the final prize amounts.

Who Won ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3?

In the third season of Too Hot To Handle, Georgia Hassarati, Nathan Soan, Harry Johnson, and Beaux Raymond found themselves in the championship round.

Harry and Beaux, a British couple, were ultimately declared champions by the other competitors.

On the first day of Too Hot To Handle, Middlesbrough-based tree surgeon Harry, 29, and legal secretary Beaux, 24, met. Despite a rocky beginning, their relationship held up throughout the competition.

At first, Harry was more attracted to the Australian bombshell than Georgia, even admitting as much to Beaux.

Beaux was also first uninterested in Harry and eager to get to know other people. Do Check here for more Related articles:


Who Won Too Hot To Handle' Season 3
Who Won Too Hot To Handle’ Season 3

But as time passed, Harry started to understand that his feelings for Beaux went beyond simple friendship. After developing a “meaningful” connection that wasn’t only s*xual, they were the first couple to receive permission from Lana to break the rules.

They didn’t violate the rules as a couple, but in a humorous incident, Harry ended up costing the group $4,000 because he excused himself for some self-indulgence.

Harry was the first to declare his affection for Beaux. He even admitted that he grew in love with the legal secretary as the weeks passed.

Harry and Beaux became a couple by the tenth episode, capping off their trip by being named the victors.

After their victory, Beaux joked: “I can’t believe it.”

Harry then spilled that he was in love with Beaux. He told the cameras: “We went from nothing to being in love”—much to Beaux’s surprise.

Runner-up Nathan said: “Runner-up never felt so good. I couldn’t be happier for Harry and Beaux. They deserved it. If I could have voted, I would have voted for them. They’ve gone from leaps and bounds from being friends to lovers.”

Georgia added: “So happy. I genuinely feel the best people won.”

How Much Money Was Left at the End of ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

Harry and Beaux, who won Season 3, received $45,000 each.

Technically, everyone in the group owed Lana money at the end of Too Hot To Handle.

The group had $200,000 when Lana first appeared in Episode 1. Georgia and Izzy Fairthorne broke the rules after nine minutes, and they kept breaking them.

Each episode would include at least one couple breaking one rule, if not more. Nathan and Holly Scarfone ran up a tab of $69,000 in a single night. Check Out More Articles:

The competitors owed Lana $54,000 by the time the competition was over. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Holly and Nathan—the worst offenders in the villa—saved the day.

Under the pretense that he had been permanently expelled from the villa, Nathan left it to an extended treatment session. He and Holly were granted a second chance at the chastity test they had failed earlier in the season after his return.

They had to spend the night apart from the other candidates together. If they could restrain their urges, the reward money would be $90,000. Nathan and Holly passed the chastity test, and perhaps Harry and Beaux had a happy ending.

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