Why Did Captain Lee Step Away Early in Below Deck Season 10?

Fan-favorite After announcing his departure from Below Deck season 10, Captain Lee is the most recent Below Deck celebrity to leave the successful franchise.

Captain Lee Rosbach announced during the most recent episode of Below Deck season 10 that his time at sea has ended for the time being after almost a decade on one of Bravo’s most popular franchises.

When the 2013 television series Below Deck debuted, Captain Lee became its first captain. Captain Lee has remained the face of Below Deck ever since his television debut, in contrast to Captain Glenn Shepard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean, who have grown to be Bravo mainstays in their own right.

With a hilarious personality and no-nonsense attitude to match, Captain Lee’s charters have continuously remained equally dramatic and entertaining.

Why Captain Lee Left Below Deck Season 10
Why Captain Lee Left Below Deck Season 10

Despite his massive popularity, rumors that Captain Lee would quit Below Deck season 10 began to swirl shortly after the series was renewed at BravoCon in October.

The trailer for Below Deck season 10 showed a lot of promise, with drunk charter guests and returning stars chef Rachel Hargrove and newly promoted chief stew Fraser Olender.

Captain Lee hinted that while he had plenty of plane tickets he was ready to give out, one might have been reserved for him. On Below Deck season 10’s December 12th episode, Bravo viewers found out this was the case.

During the charter season, Captain Lee had to break the sad news to his crew that he had to depart St. David early.

Due to His Health, Captain Lee Departed Below Deck During Season 10

Captain Lee, who is 73, stated to Camille Lamb and the other Below Deck season 10 stars that he had to leave the show so that he could concentrate on his health, so his premature departure didn’t come as a complete surprise to Below Deck viewers who were aware of the rumors.


In an emotional confessional, Captain Lee revealed that he had an unidentified nerve ailment and was having trouble navigating St. David with a cane. Due to his health condition, he could not walk and experienced numbness on the left side of his body.

Although Captain Lee was aware of his illness before joining Below Deck season 10, he mistakenly believed that his symptoms would improve with time. Captain Lee decided to leave as things deteriorated so that he wouldn’t sink with the boat.

Captain Lee on Below Deck Season 9 Was Momentarily Replaced

Viewers of Below Deck are not particularly surprised by Captain Lee’s health issues because Captain Sean Meagher temporarily replaced the beloved actor for the first few episodes of Below Deck season 9.

Captain Lee had to miss My Seanna’s first charter when the series resumed in late 2021 because he needed surgery, which forced him to miss the episode.

Bosun Eddie Lucas and the rest of the crew made it clear that they missed Captain Lee, whom Eddie jocularly referred to as their “boat daddy,” even though Captain Sean ran a tight ship during his brief stay on Below Deck.


The course of Below Deck season 10 will indeed shift due to Captain Lee’s early departure, but it’s still possible that Captain Lee’s relationship with Bravo isn’t completely gone.

On social media, Captain Lee assured followers that his health had improved since the filming of Below Deck season 10. It was also indicated in late November that Captain Lee had no immediate plans to retire permanently despite recent setbacks.

In the interim, devoted Below Deck viewers must wait to see not only Captain Lee’s sad farewell but also the announcement of the replacement for St. David’s “Stud of the Sea.”

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