Why Brooklyn Beckham Fans Are Outraged by His Serving of “Uncooked Fish”?

Since the celebrity disclosed his desire to become a chef a year ago, Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking abilities have risen. Still, his most recent tutorial, in which he prepared a salad with “uncooked fish,” has left viewers uneasy.

Brooklyn has strayed from his roots by taking over the kitchen, despite having a professional football player for a father and a member of the most famous girl band of all time for a mother (who is now a fashion designer).

The former photographer turned aspiring “Chef” is back with another cooking demonstration, reimagining a salad with tuna steak and cucumbers.

Brooklyn Beckham’s Fish Dish Tutorial Has Fans Divided

On the fifth of December, Brooklyn used his skills in the kitchen to create another dish from scratch.

Using a sped-up audios video posted to his Instagram account, Brooklyn prepares a tuna steak topped with black and white sesame seeds and a lemon-and-egg sauce before frying it.

Brooklyn Beckham Fans Are Outraged by His Serving of Uncooked Fish
Brooklyn Beckham Fans Are Outraged by His Serving of Uncooked Fish

But the concept of “raw fish” did not sit well with his devotees. Opinions on his different teachings over the past year from his fanbase were split.

“Ok, now take a bite out of the uncooked tuna,” one wrote.

Another commented: “In the words of Mr. Ramsay… It’s raw!!! Looks vile.”

Serena Williams blessed Brooklyn’s tuna meal after requesting if she might “come over.”

The tuna steak was designed to be served raw, which is the catch. A Japanese meal called tuna tataki uses the same kind of meat as sashimi, which is entirely served raw.

A Famous Household Upgrade and Becoming a “Chef”

It’s funny that the 23-year-old didn’t become aware of his fame until ten years ago. His parents’ successful professional careers in the sports and music industries have made them both household celebrities.

Brooklyn was the first to experience the fame of David and Victoria because he was the older sibling in the family. But until he was thirteen, he was unaware that his parents were well-known.

“I didn’t know they (parents) were big until I was about 13,” he told Wonderland magazine.

He then explained: “I went to a football game, and people shouted my dad’s name, and I was like, ‘What?! Oh my God.’ I don’t look at them like that.”

Despite his parents’ prominence, Brooklyn chose to forge his career by dabbling in modeling and photography before settling on a passion for cooking.

Brooklyn hasn’t been afraid to try new things in the kitchen, even though he doesn’t consider himself a professional. He occasionally shared his works on social media with his wife, Nicola Peltz.

Final Lines

Brooklyn Beckham’s culinary abilities have grown over the past year after the star said he dreamed of becoming a chef. However, his newest tutorial had fans feeling sick after whipping up a salad with ‘uncooked fish.’

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