Who is Bodie on “The Voice”? Documentary Directed And Own Music

In season 22 of The Voice, Bodie has become one of the fans’ favorites. This 29-year-old singer’s great performances on the TV show The Voice have always wowed the audience.

Let us tell those of you who don’t know that Bodie is on Team Blake. Blake Shelton knew right away when he met Bodie that he had found something very special. Keep reading if you want to find out more about Bodie’s life.

Meet Bodie, the winner of “The Voice” season 22

When Bodie tried out for season 22 of The Voice, Blake Shelton was the first to turn his red chair for Bodie. Soon after that, Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello also sat in their red chairs.

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At that time, Shelton gushed over Bodie and said, “Everybody is going to remember you, the way you look, the way you sound,” meanwhile John Legend further added, “You have what it takes to make it to the finale of The Voice. Your vocal presence was just so robust. You really do stand out.”

Gwen Stefani, on the other hand said that Bodie has “such a great tone. It’s just rare, and that means you’re rare.” At the end of the day, Bodie chose Blake as his coach, and the country singer helped him throughout the singing contest.

Bodie is a married man

You did read that correctly. Bodie is happily married to Royale Kuljian, which gives us some information about his personal life. Royale, who is married to him, works as a photographer. In June of this year, they had been married for 6 years. He marked the special day with a cute post on Instagram, a social media site.

“7 years married to the greatest human i’ve ever known. I honour you for the wise, intelligent, passionate, humble, patient, caring, steadfast, talented, hilarious, beautiful woman that you are. This has been the best 7 years of my life. You are a blessing to everyone that knows you. I can’t believe we get to do this for a lifetime. 🖤,” he wrote alongside the slideshow of pictures of himself and his wife Royale.

What is the number of kids Bodie and Royale have?

Bodie and his wife, Royale, love their three cute kids very much. They have three kids together: a son named Indie and two daughters named Violet and Goldie. Royale took her daughter Indie to see her father try out for the TV show The Voice.

Bodie has put out his own music

Love at First Fight and Me and You were two EPs that Bodie released back in the day. Moonlight, Teenage Love, and I Think I Like You are some of his songs that have been played 1 million times on Spotify. In June 2022, a song he wrote called “Ghost” became public.

Documentary directed by Bodie

Bodie also worked on a documentary, according to his Instagram profile. The post on his Instagram feed says that he was one of the people in charge of making the documentary.

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