Who Is H.E.R.? What We Know About Oscar Winner Gabi Wilson?

Four Grammys have been given to H.E.R., including one for song of the year in 2020. After winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song in the movie Judas and the Black Messiah, the R&B singer has now won her first Oscar. Together with Tiara Thomas and D’Mile, I co-wrote and produced the ballad “Fight for You.”

The coveted “EGOT” is achieved when an artist receives the 23-year-old now halfway attains an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, or Tony.

During the beginning of her career, H.E.R. worked hard to hide her identity. H.E.R. generated a lot of talks when she released an album with only seven songs, no bio, and a mystery full-body silhouette on the cover. This music, what is it? Why is she hiding her face?

But it wasn’t all a publicity stunt. She made a concerted effort to maintain a low profile, but after Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Drake, and Alicia Keys sang her praises, her jig was up.

Who Is H.E.R.
Who Is H.E.R.

Today, H.E.R. is almost wholly letting go of the secret, but she still enjoys gazing at her loving fans through a variety of fashionable sunglasses (and we’re not sure when the day will come when she doesn’t perform wearing them). Her name is an abbreviation for “Having Everything Revealed,” which is nearly comical.

Keeping one’s identity a secret to let one’s craft speak for itself; in other words, hiding nothing to disclose everything. Learn more about the 22-year-old budding sensation who is expected to have a big night at the Grammys by reading on.

She Keeps a Low Profile

H.E.R. would love to remain anonymous, but not for the same reasons as her other musicians (for Sia, it’s to stay mysterious; for the feminist protest punk rockers, it’s so they don’t get imprisoned). Instead, she prefers to remain anonymous for her reasons. For H.E.R., anonymity over fame is preferable because she wants the music to speak for itself.

She teased her silhouette on the covers of her debut album, Volume 1 and the follow-up, Volume 2. Her identity has since been made public. Billboard claims that after searching SoundCloud, her identity was discovered by fans after Janet Jackson and Drake both praised her and revealed her on social media as H.E.R. She still flaunts her sizable collection of sunglasses both on and off the stage, channeling Sir Elton John.

H.E.R.’s Real Name Is Gabriella Wilson

She goes by Gabi or her stage name, H.E.R., despite being Gabriella Wilson. Its ironic moniker, Having Everything Revealed, is for someone who would prefer to stay anonymous. We’ll let her explain, though.

“I reveal who I am and my stories and emotions, and music is an outlet for me. But it’s all revealed through my music and my message. Even though I don’t show my face and I don’t tell people who I am or more about me, it’s—really, you get to know who I am in my music,” she explained in a radio show interview.

Although there is “little doubt” that H.E.R. and Wilson are the same people, her true identity was neither confirmed nor denied in a 2018 interview with Interview. Her “legion of devotees,” in the words of the magazine, wasn’t concerned with her real name. They were just interested in her incredible music.

She Had Her Big Break on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing in 2009

H.E.R., a child prodigy, has been singing and performing since she was a young girl. When Gabi Wilson was younger, she performed in her father’s cover band and at the age 10, she sang an Alicia Keys cover on the Today show.

She received her big break when she was twelve years old when Radio Disney selected her as one of the competition’s top five singers (she lost). But the true breakthrough came when, at age 14, she committed to her first record deal with Sony.

But in 2018, She Shot to Fame After Being Nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys

In the latter half of 2018, H.E.R. discovered she had received two Grammy nominations: one for Best New Artist and one for Album of the Year (for the self-titled H.E.R. Volume 1).

She received top category nominations, and when you add that to her mysterious, seemingly overnight stardom (it wasn’t), you have quite the social media tidal wave that is consuming internet feeds.

In 2019, H.E.R. Released Her Most Recent Album

We love her for “Focus,” “I Used to Know Her,” and “Hard Place,” but her upcoming album may sound a little bit different. “You never necessarily know what sound you’re going to get,” she told Rolling Stone. With this album, though, we can expect a “more musical” E.P. following in the footnotes of her predecessors. “People like Quincy Jones and even Rodney Jerkins perfected their mixes and ensured each instrument was doing the right thing. They were looking for that feeling, as opposed to looking for that hit,” she added.

She Can Play Five Instruments

Lizzo may be a musical queen with a flute, and Alicia Keys may be a master of the piano, but H.E.R. can jam on one, two, three, four, or even five. She can rock out as a pianist, drummer, and accomplished guitarist who can solo on the electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Of course, it’s not a contest, but if we keep score, H.E.R.’s transparent Stratocaster comes out on top.


“Playing guitar has been part of who I am since I was a kid. I remember watching a video of Lenny Kravitz and Prince [from the Rave Un2 the Year 2000 concert] when I was a kid. That video changed my life—it made me want to play guitar just because of how rock star it is,” she said to Rolling Stone.

She Draws Inspiration From Artists Like B.B. King, Lauryn Hill and Prince

“When H.E.R. was a child, she’d wake up in the morning to her dad making breakfast in the kitchen and blasting the late musician’s concert DVD on the television,” W.W.D. wrote about H.E.R.’s affinity for Prince. And fans celebrate the similarities between H.E.R.’s “Lost Souls” (off I Used to Know H.E.R.) and Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones.”


Further, Rolling Stone got the artist talking about her blues roots. “B.B. King, with literally one note on the guitar, does something to everyone in the room—and that’s what I’ve been inspired by as far as playing: feeling instead of technique,” she said.

She is Aware of the Key to Life. She Also Picked It Up From Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, who hosted the 2020 Grammys, gave the budding R&B icon a few words of wisdom. “Alicia Keys told me that when it comes to music, all you need is three chords and the truth,” H.E.R. said to Refinery29. “I think you can apply that to life, too.”

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