What Happened at the End of Alchemy of Souls Season 1? Ending Explained

What Jang Uk’s survival means for the show’s future is the main query viewers who watched the Alchemy of Souls season 1 finale has. As you are already aware, Jang Uk was able to contain the power of the soul stone before it could claim many lives.

He did give the impression that the Crown Prince had accomplished this, but he was meant to wield the soul stone because he was born under the King’s Star. Few people know that Jang Uk possesses the soul stone in Korean drama. Find out what his Season 1 Alchemy of Souls ending might entail by reading on.

Will Mu-Body Deok’s Force Naksu to Leave?

Jang Uk acquired power unlike anything he or Mu-deck could have imagined by sacrificing every ounce of his strength. However, Jin Mu caused things to go out of hand.

Alchemy of Souls season 1 ending explained
The Alchemy of Souls season 1 ending explained.

At Cheonbugwan, Jang Gang, the father of Jang Uk, is represented by Mu. He will not allow anyone to get in the way of pursuing his lifelong desire to be a Kingmaker. He then uses spells the deceased shaman used when she controlled Que’s body to prevent Naksu, who is in Mu’s body. deok’s

After she passed away, Jin Mu was able to employ her charm to deceive Mu-deok into stabbing Jang Uk. She finds herself at the rock above the lake where the soul stone had been concealed many years earlier as soon as she realizes what she is doing.


She decides to take her own life by jumping to her death because she cannot let go of her guilt. Interestingly. She doesn’t completely drown. She appears to be rescued by two unidentified people, but they are not identified. Naksu could have to leave Mu-body, deok’s, though, given that she is a soul shifter and her soul is out of control.

The teaser for the upcoming season, which will debut in December, also referred to this potential outcome. But other issues need to be resolved, like how Naksu can regain her body. After all, Go Yoon-Jung, who portrayed Naksu in the first season, is featured in the teaser.

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Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Might See Jang UK and Naksu Clash

A massive blaze that had been lit to say goodbye to Jang Uk also makes an appearance at the end of Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 20, unharmed. His family and acquaintances thought that Mu-stabbing deok’s had killed Jang Uk. But he appeared to be doing just great.

Unfortunately, Mu-deok may not have survived the fall in the form recognized by Jang Uk after she jumped to her death. The changing appearances of some prominent characters in the teaser imply a time jump.

With the help of the soul stone’s might, Jang Uk is also practicing magic. The crown prince, who viewed Jang Uk as a threat to his kingdom, could have been deceived by Jin Mu. The destiny of Jang Uk and Naksu is just one of the tangles that need to be untangled in the next episodes.

Can Jang Uk truly move on from Mu-death deok’s and still love Naksu in her transformed state? It’s almost guaranteed that the two will begin as rivals. Particularly in the new season, Jang Uk’s tone is gloomy and dismal, representing death and hatred. Additionally, he is shown killing numerous victims.


Furthermore, how Jang UK’s friends Seo Yul and Park Dang-gu will respond to his altered conduct will be revealed in the forthcoming season of Alchemy of Souls. Dang-rage gu’s, who have kept the truth about Naksu a secret, must also be dealt with. Naksu eventually killed his father-in-criminal law’s father. Mu-birth deok’s secret has also been maintained throughout the first season.

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How would the show’s creators explain Mu-link deok’s to Jinyowan and the Jin family if the reports are accurate and actor Jung So-min, who plays Mu-deok in Alchemy of Souls, does not return? The first season’s finale contains the solution once more. The leader of Jinyowan, Ms. Jin, seems to think Mu-deok is her child.


Additionally, So-Yi attests to the presence of her daughter Jin Bu-Yeon, who disappeared following the debut of the soul stone. The next Alchemy of Souls season will rely heavily on this knowledge, beginning in December.

Final Lines

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