Critics Say BTS Fans Have Inundated Military Forums With Their Worries About Jin

Jin of BTS joined the military on December 13 at the Yeoncheon 5th Division Recruit Training Center in Gyeonggi Province. Fans are worried about the idol on online military communities meant for families, which is making the families angry. Since December 15, some BTS fans have been sending spam to an online community for soldiers and their families called “The Camp.”

“The Camp” offers different services to soldiers, their families, and other people they know, but BTS fans have been sending a lot of messages to the online community. Fans have been writing on The Camp’s open bulletin board in the “5th division key unit family love room” to ask how Jin is doing.

One fan wrote, “Do you often give foods that contain potatoes, garlic, and fish? Because Jin is allergic to those foods, that is why I am asking if those foods are given out often.” In response, the online community moderator for the 5th division stated, “This is not kindergarten!” and continued to say, “The military is already aware of all this that is why you can control your diet yourself.”

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In this way, a lot of Jin’s fans kept posting worries about him on an online community for military people, which made his family feel bad. Family members were upset and said, “There are so many posts about Jin that we can’t see the important information or notices.”

“Who is Kim Seok Jin that this community is filled about him?” “Jin is not the only person who enlisted in the military, please refrain (from posting so much),” “This is not a fan cafe,” and “It’s so hard to ask questions or find information about my son.”

In response, “The Camp” decided to open a separate bulletin board in the 5th division community called “BTS’s Jin A.R.M.Y.” The bulletin board operator explained, “The 5th division Camp community is a place where parents, friends, and colleagues of the active soldiers and discharged soldiers of the 5th division can show their support and encourage each other. There is no direct connection between The Camp and the 5th division unit. You can understand that The Camp 5th division community is a place for supporters.”

He also asked fans not to write letters to the idol and told them not to put them on the bulletin board. He explained, “If there are too many letters being uploaded, the computer server will go down and other soldiers may not be able to receive their letters from their families and friends.”

He also emphasized, “Please do not send handwritten letters of gifts because if the person on duty has excessive mailings he needs to take care of, it can cause a problem in the training of the trainees, which is the original duty of the soldiers on duty.”

The person in charge of the online community added, “Please use the fan community ‘Weverse’ instead of posting letters on the bulletin board. This information is not from the 5th division but I, as the operator (of the military online community), am personally asking the fans with the heart of the parents who are also worried about the new trainees.”

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