Christina Hall Wonders if Her Breast Implants Might Be Making Her Sick!

The HGTV star, who is 39 years old, said in an Instagram post for “Self-Care Saturday” on Saturday that she has been tired for the past few days and has been having other health problems for years that she now thinks “could be breast implant related.”

In the video she posted, Hall can be seen lying on a bed and getting photon LED light therapy on her face while listening to a meditation podcast led by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

“Josh and I tag teaming 3 sick kids last night, this is a much-needed energy restore,” Hall started in the caption. “Been super exhausted lately so [I’m] on a kick to get back into my body.”

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“I’ve had some unexplained health stuff for years, and now I’m considering the thought that this could be breast implant related,” she continued, adding that she dissolved all her under-eye filler because “it was causing an inflammatory reaction.”

“Does anyone else have any experience with this subject?” Hall asked. “I’m curious on all the ladies take on this.”

The Christina on the Coast star then listed her health problems, which include inflammation, Hashimoto’s disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, dry eyes, acid reflux, brain fog, swollen lymph nodes, and adrenal fatigue, among others.

She also said that she had a positive ANA test, even though she was “gluten-free and mostly dairy-free.” Hall said at the end of the post that she is “working on detoxing” and having a “positive mind.”

The former Flip or Flop star has been honest about her health problems for a long time. Last year, she told PEOPLE that she had an endoscopy because she had been having “extreme stomach pain” on and off since 2016.

Christina Hall Wonders if Her Breast Implants Might Be Making Her Sick
Christina Hall Wonders if Her Breast Implants Might Be Making Her Sick

“So far my results have come back good. Doing more procedures to try to get to the bottom of it,” Hall said. “For now, I am continuing to eat healthy and stay active.”

In an Instagram post about the endoscopy, she told her followers, “Anxiety can cause major flare-ups, and the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that it’s affecting my digestion/gut health.”

Hall added: “I’ve talked to a lot of people about this and just want to advocate how important it is to trust your own health instincts and not ignore things going on in your body.”

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