Naomi Judd Cause of Death: How Did 76-Year-Old White Female Found Lifeless?

According to Naomi Judd’s autopsy report, her self-inflicted gunshot wound was the official cause of death. The autopsy report also found that the late country music artist suffered from additional ailments, including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, according to the Williamson County, Tennessee, Medica

l Examiner’s Office. Furthermore, Naomi left “a note with suicide overtones,” which was discovered beside the body along with the firearm, according to the 13-page autopsy report obtained by ET.

She was reportedly taking many different antidepressants, according to the article, which was based on a toxicology study. The cause of death is a “gunshot wound to the head,” and the method of death is “suicide.” The report’s summary states, “The deceased was a 76-year-old white female found lifeless in her home by family at around 10:57 on April 30, 2022.

A call was made to 911. When emergency medical services arrived at the house, they took the deceased’s corpse and brought it to Williamson Medical Center. Dr. Tanner Boyd announced the patient’s death shortly after they entered the emergency room at 12:35 on April 30, 2022.” The Judds, a musical duet that included Wynonna Judd and her mother Naomi, were set to be honored into the Country Music Hall of Fame the following day, but an autopsy was conducted instead.

The family issued the following statement to The Associated Press on Friday: “The pleasures and hardships of being a family have always been openly expressed. Our matriarch was pursued by an unfair adversary, which is one aspect of our story. She underwent treatment for bipolar disorder and PTSD, conditions to which millions of Americans can identify.”

We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness, her daughter Ashley Judd said hours after learning of Naomi’s passing. Later, Ashley would appear in a pre-recorded interview on Good Morning America

and disclose that Naomi had shot herself in the head. Ashley claimed that she was the one who found the woman’s body in her house.

She explained, “I went upstairs to tell her that her good buddy was there and I found her. “Since finding her, I’ve experienced trauma and grief.” The singer’s family petitioned the judge to seal police records and recordings made during its investigation into the singer’s death months after she passed away. The family claimed that if the public were given access to the police reports and recordings, it would cause “significant trauma and irreparable harm” to the family.

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The report’s disclosure would make medical records and conversations family members had with police during the investigation public, which is one of the other reasons the family does not want the documents made public. Naomi Strickland’s widow, Larry Strickland, claimed in a statement included with the petition that he didn’t know his interviews with police were being recorded and that he provided them with personal and private information to help them.

In a statement included with the petition, Ashley claimed that during her conversations with police, she was experiencing “clinical shock, active trauma, and acute distress.” She continued by saying that she did not want their family to be haunted by the video, audio, and photos remaining in the public domain forever.

The petition, submitted on behalf of Strickland, Ashley, and Wynonna Judd, also contains information about how Ashley discovered Naomi alive after she shot herself. Ashley remained by her mother’s side for a half-hour before assistance arrived, according to the filing.

Final lines

Family members’ accounts of Naomi Judd’s death have been corroborated by an autopsy report that The Associated Press obtained on Friday. Judd, 76, shot herself in the head on April 30 at her Tennessee home.

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