Official Announcement of Spy x Family Season 2 for 2023

On Sunday, Spy x Family Season 2 was unveiled at Jump Festa 2023. Sometime in 2023, the new season will premiere. Additionally, a 2023 release date for an original series film was revealed. No additional information was provided about the future season of Spy x Family.

Since the start of the new decade, Spy x Family has grown to be one of the most popular anime series. Spy x Family has become a popular anime series that has captured the attention of fans of all anime genres, topping charts on numerous websites and even other websites’ rating boards. Spy x Family will remain one of the best anime of the current decade, with a beautiful balance of action, comedy, and wholesomeness, as well as some of the best openings and endings we’ve seen in recent years.

The manga series Spy x Family, created by Tatsuya Endo and first published in 2019 in Shonen Jump+, was adapted into an anime in 2019. Kazuhiro Furuhashi is the director of Spy x Family, which CloverWorks and WIT Studio co-animated (as mentioned before).

Episode 14 was directed and storyboarded by Takahiro Miura, while episode 13 was directed and storyboarded by Ysuke Kubo (which started Part 2 of the current first season). The series’ principal animation director and person in charge of character design are Kazuaki Shimada. And [K]NoW NAME is in charge of making the music. The series’ original cast has taken on the same roles from Part 1 of the present-day first season.

Spy x Family Season 2

The Doggy Crisis Arc from the Spy x Family manga begins in chapter 18 and finishes in chapter 23 of Volume 4. It is the first episode of Part 2 of the first season (split-cour) of the television series Spy x Family.

Fans can predict that Part 2 will adapt the Midterm Exam Arc and the Campbellton Tennis Arc for the remainder of the season since Part 1 of the anime covered the first five arcs of the series with either two or three episodes for each. Spy x Family Part 1 aired in the Spring 2022 anime season and had 12 episodes. Spy x Family Part 2 will air in the Fall 2022 season and will have 13 episodes.

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Spy x Family Announces Season 2 and the Original Movie

Spy x Family Super Stage kicked off Jump Festa 2023 Day 2 because the anime has revealed a second season will be published in 2023. A week before the season premiere finale, the announcement was made. It appeared that the announcement for a second season would only be made after season 1 concluded as the Super Stage portion started with a fun session and a live voice reading of an anime scene. But since the declaration was so brief, it was concluded in the end.

A standalone movie adaptation of Spy x Family is also planned, and it will debut in 2023. The anime voice actors, who just knew about the season 2 announcement, were also taken aback by this news. As he will write an original plot for the upcoming movie, mangaka Tatsuya Endo is expected to write and direct the film’s script.

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What Will Happen to the Spy x Family Anime?

Spy x Family will be working on Season 2 and this new film for a release next year, but as of this writing, release information for both new projects is still being withheld. The franchise is as popular with fans as one would have predicted, given the response to each new episode and this announcement comes even before the first season concludes with its last episode showing next week. Thankfully, the anime as a whole is still far from over.

There will be a lot to look forward to in 2019 as the anime franchise is now confirmed to be continuing in some significant new ways thanks to the upcoming Spy x Family movie, which is said to include an original tale with new characters from the original series creator Tatsuya Endo as well!

Final Lines

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