Wednesday Season 2: Who Will Not Returning In This Period?

When Wednesday premiered on Netflix in 2022, it quickly became the streaming service’s biggest hit of the year. This sharp, modern, and slick reboot brought The Addams Family back to theatres for the first time since the 1990s, after a string of mediocre animated films.

Focusing on Wednesday Addams, and more specifically Jenna Ortega, was the best course of action. Her portrayal of the social outcast who is obsessed with death is sharp and contemporary thanks to her piercing gaze, deadpan delivery, and twitchy dance moves. But will everyone’s favourite gothic teen be taking part in any further adventures?

Has the Second Season of Wednesday been Confirmed?

There has been no word from Netflix regarding Season 2 of Wednesday. The show’s unprecedented success on the streaming service makes its return seem inevitable. In its first week, Wednesday was viewed on Netflix for 341,2 million hours around the world.

Wednesday Season 2
Wednesday Season 2

This was the best opening week for any English-language series on the platform, surpassing the previous record held by Stranger Things season four (335 million hours). The following week, the show’s total weekly viewing hours surpassed 400 million.

If you’re worried about what will happen on Wednesday, you can relax, this is the safest bet since Squid Game became an international sensation. Ortega told NME before the show premiered that she “had no idea” if she would be back for more episodes. I think it’s cool that the show has the option to go on, but it could also just end if that’s what the fans want. We can do that,” she continued.

Where Could Wednesday’s Journey Go in Season Two?

After receiving a smartphone as a gift, Wednesday begins receiving ominous messages from an anonymous sender at the end of Season 1. Wednesday proudly proclaims, “I have my very first stalker” as she peruses the messages, which include photos of her enjoying coffee and a text message reading, “I’m watching you.”

Season two will likely focus on discovering the stalker’s identity, though there are other plot points that have yet to be addressed. Is it true that Tyler (Hunter Doohan), now known as the monster Hyde, evaded police capture and made his way to freedom?

Also, after being stung by bees and hauled off to jail, what will happen to Laurel Gates? The Addams Family as a whole could stand to be in the spotlight more often.

Morticia and Gomez Addams (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán), as well as Pugsley’s (Isaac Ordonez) younger brother, are mostly side characters in the first season. Cousin Itt, who is briefly mentioned in the seventh episode, may also make an appearance in a subsequent outing.

What have the Cast and Creators Said About Season Two?

There’s a chance it’ll get darker

Ortega has stated that she anticipates Wednesday’s performance to be more sinister than the first. The actor stated to Entertainment Tonight, “I kind of want her to be darker.” There are a lot of lines about her saving the school and doing whatever, but for me her main drive with the monster is competitiveness, so I want her to get more into the nitty-gritty of things and not play things so safe.

A little bit of “how the heck is this guy doing this?” I’m leaning toward having it follow an antiheroic path rather than a conventional one. Co-showrunner Miles Millar has said that season two will focus more on the family while still airing on Wednesday nights.

Wednesday Season 2
Wednesday Season 2

Miller told TVLine, “We felt like we just touched the surface with those characters, and the actors are so amazing in those roles.” “Catherine is a Morticia icon, in my opinion. “Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia is pivotal to the show, as is the concept that she is forging her own path outside the family,” says the author.

Miller added, “if we were to get a second season, we definitely want to feature the family as we did this season in a couple of episodes.” Co-showrunner Al Gough has stated that Wednesday will continue to have the emphasis placed on her development.

The show’s central theme is a girl’s journey from a black-and-white worldview to the acceptance of ambiguity. I think, like any friendship or relationship, it can become complicated by extraneous factors. There will never be calm waters. And it’s her figuring out the highs and lows of friendship that’s the real story here.

Who’s Not Returning For Wednesday Season 2?

Weems and Riki Lindhome’s Dr. Valerie Kinbott, Wednesday’s Therapist, may not return in Season 2 due to the deaths of their respective characters.

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