Are Zendaya And Tom Holland Engaged? What Is Their Relationship Status?

Speculation over how long Zendaya and Tom Holland have been an item has far outpaced the actual length of their relationship. Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in 2017, but speculations of their connection had been circulating since 2016.

Both Peter and M.J.’s on-screen love interests have long histories of dating in real life, and their respective fan bases have long wished for the two stars to find love again. Fans have been waiting for what they wanted for a long time, and now they have it.

There was much conjecture that Zendaya and Holland had finally gotten together before the introduction of Jacob Elordi and Olivia Bolton. After being seen kissing in a car in the summer of 2021, Zendaya and Holland went public with their romance. The two are rumoured to be engaged now. Discussing whether or not Zendaya and Tom Holland are engaged is a natural next step.

Zendaya Engaged
Zendaya Engaged

Are Zendaya And Tom Holland Engaged?

More reports of Zendaya and Tom Holland taking their relationship to the next level towards the end of November surfaced online. Pop culture publications claimed the couple was secretly engaged. For as long as they managed to keep their connection under wraps, this is not that shocking.

However, Pop Hive, the first media organization to tweet this, did not provide any links to their sources. Despite the tweet’s unverified provenance, speculation amongst fans worldwide centered on whether or not Hollywood‘s it couple will be tying the knot.

Zendaya’s Mom Denies Engagement Rumors To Tom Holland

Zendaya and Tom Holland have been silent on the engagement rumours, but Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer, recently addressed the issue of clickbait on her Instagram. Fans have read into her message what was not an explicit statement on the engagement rumours surrounding her daughter.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Stoermer defined clickbait as “the practise of crafting sensationalized or deceptive headlines in order to garner clicks on a piece of information.” Her tweet has put an end to the rumours, but many still hold out hope that Zendaya and Holland will stay together.

When Did Zendaya And Tom Holland Start Dating?

When Zendaya and Tom Holland first started dating is a matter of some contention. Fans have been forced to wonder if they are dating or not after the couple refused to declare their relationship for years and was frequently spotted with other people.

Nevertheless, it has been reported that the two had been an item since 2016. Tom has met Zendaya’s family, and they love him, a source told Us Weekly in 2017. They’ve kept up their relationship and are still seeing each other.

In the neighbourhood of a year has passed. Although their relationship has been confirmed by a third party, Zendaya and Holland have not publicly disclosed when they started dating.

Did Zendaya Date Jacob Elordi?

Jacob Elordi is one of many problems with the hypothesis that Zendaya and Tom Holland began dating in 2016. The actor plays a major role in the HBO Euphoria, which stars Zendaya. In addition to portraying Elvis in Priscilla, Elordi will perform the role of Presley in another film.

Multiple sightings of Elordi and Zendaya in February of 2020 have been reported. There were reports of them holding hands and kissing. It’s possible that Zendaya and Holland weren’t dating at the time, or that they took a hiatus. A few months later, rumours began to circulate that Elordi had begun dating Kaia Gerber.

Zendaya Engaged
Zendaya Engaged

Zendaya And Tom Holland Caught Kissing

Whatever the truth of the other rumours about Tom Holland’s alleged affairs may be, Zendaya and him eventually found each other. Photos of the pair acting funny and kissing in the car were published by Page Six in July 2021. Fans were so happy to see them together in the images that they essentially crashed the internet with their excitement.

As a result of the images going public, Zendaya and Holland have been considerably more open about their relationship. They’ve been seen holding hands on red carpets and opening up about their relationship in interviews. Zendaya and Holland appear to be completely at ease with one another, despite their efforts to retain some degree of seclusion.

Zendaya And Tom Holland Are Ready To Settle Down

Since both Zendaya and Tom Holland are only 26, they are still considered to be among the young Hollywood elite. In spite of this, there have been rumours that the pair is interested in a committed relationship.

Holland has stated his desire to leave the MCU in the near future so he can start a family. In 2018, Holland took a break from his social media accounts, citing the need to focus on his mental health. The actor needed some time away from the madness of Hollywood.

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