Cole Swindell Reveals How His Father’s Death Inspired Him to Write a Powerful Song

Sons continue their fathers’ traditions. Cole Swindell, a country artist, breaks down in tears when discussing the passing of his father and how it influenced one of his most memorable songs. There is never a dry eye in the house because Swindell honors his father’s memory at every performance.

Swindell visited The Marty Smith Podcast to speak with Marty Smith of Outsider about his professional background. The two became close because of their anguish at losing their fathers. Dad Smith passed away in 2008. William Swindell, Swindell’s father, passed away in 2013. Swindell had only signed his recording contract six weeks earlier.

Swindell penned and recorded “You Should Be Here” while he worked through his sadness. The song ultimately became a lament for all those who had lost a loved one. The song served as a vehicle for listeners like Smith to express the shared sadness we all experience because we all experience the loss of a loved one.

“I always say I moved to Nashville to write songs. And country music has always been there for me before I got to this town,” Swindell says. “Now, I know I’ve written at least one that’s touched people and helped them through a tough time. When we were writing it, I had my dad in mind. But I knew I couldn’t be the only one out there.”

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Cole Swindell’s Dad Dies

Cole Swindell on the Effect of His Song

Another song by Cole Swindell, “Dad’s Old Number,” was just released as a tribute to his father. However, “You Should Be Here” is still among his most well-known songs. Additionally, it’s one of his most moving. The country music performer wishes his father could recognize the song’s influence.

People in the audience will approach him and talk about their experiences with loss and grief. Swindell feels that he is making a difference in the world with each shared tale. They all belong to a club that none would choose to join. But Swindell and his followers are never alone because of their loss.

“We wanted to make it relatable so anyone could relate to it who’s been through that. There have been so many people who’ve reached out and got in contact with me because of that song,” Swindell continues. “I always say, my dad, for those who didn’t get to meet him, if he could check out early and inspire a song that would help way more people than he would ever get to meet, he would have done that. That was the kind of guy he was.”

Additionally, the artist thinks his father is still watching out for him. Swindell keeps his dad’s memories alive as long as he makes music.

“He’s the first person I ever heard play guitar. He never chased music as hard as I did, but he never pushed me to do it,” Swindell says. “I know he’s proud. And I get to do it and help other people. He would be more proud about that than he would the music.”

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Final lines

He revealed the passing of his mother, Betty Carol Rainey, on Monday, September 13. Cole’s father died. William Keith Swindell passed away unexpectedly in 2013; regrettably, it also occurred on September 2.

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