Why Did Master P and His Wife Sonya C Divorce?

Percy Master P or Robert Miller Sr. is an American rapper, record executive, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He was born on April 29, 1970. He started the record label No Limit Records, which was relaunched as New No Limit Records via Universal Records and Koch Records, then as Guttar Music Entertainment, and finally as No Limit Forever Records.

In addition to P. Miller Enterprises, he also started the short-lived web television network Better Black Television and served as its CEO. With the success of his hip hop duo TRU and his fifth solo rap album Ice Cream Man, which featured the hit tune “Mr. Ice Cream Man,” Miller rose to prominence in the mid-1990s.

Miller’s career took off in 1997 when his hit “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” went platinum. Miller has released a total of fifteen studio albums.

Master P Divorce

Master P broke the news of his daughter Tytyana Miller’s death not too long ago. The couple’s daughter Tytyana was born when the rapper and his wife, Sonya C. were still together. On Monday, May 30th, the rapper broke the news via his various social media platforms.

master p divorce
master p divorce

Since the death of my daughter Tytyana, our family has been hit with unfathomable sorrow. The artist from Louisiana asked for privacy so his family may mourn in peace. The staff at HITC would want to express their deepest sympathies to Master P’s loved ones at this time.

Fans have been eager to hear more about Master P and Sonya’s relationship ever since the news broke. What we do know is listed here. After 24 years of marriage, Master P and his ex-wife Sonya C, aka Sonya Miller, divorced in 2013. They wed in 1989 and had seven children together, one of them was Tatyana.

In 1990, Sonya sang and hosted numerous albums that Master P collaborated on. Sadly, the couple’s divorce was acrimonious despite their long marriage and many years of working together in separate fields. In 2013, Sonya filed for divorce, and at the time, TMZ said that she was asking for $67 million in alimony. Sonya, who was also a rapper, demanded a cut of Master P’s money.

Why Did Master P and his Estranged Wife Sonya C Split Up?

TMZ reports that Master P blames Sonya’s drug and alcohol addiction for the breakup of his and Sonya’s relationship. The rapper added that he felt bad about the effect it had on their kids. Sonya became enraged after hearing the rapper’s comments and accused him of turning their kids against her.

In addition, she denied being on drugs and said she would never do so in front of the children. A public statement was also released by the rapper in 2014, in which he addressed the divorce and claimed, “I take fantastic care of all of my kids, all of their needs are being met in plenty.”

We broke up because, “I’m from the ghetto, I changed my life, but she didn’t want to grow with me.” Later, in 2016, Master P disclosed that he and his ex-wife had amicably resolved their legal differences. The rapper’s official single status was announced in May 2022.

master p divorce
master p divorce

Who Are Master P’s Other Kids?

Seven of the nine children the Burbons and Lacs rapper shares with Sonya are his.

  • Romeo Miller (1989)
  • Vercy Miller “Young V” (1991)
  • Tytyana Miller (1992 – 2022)
  • Inty Miller (1993)
  • Itali Miller (1999)
  • Hercy Miller (2002)
  • Mercy Miller (2005)

Master P also has the talented singer Cymphonique and the actor/model Veno from the Malibu Horror Story.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the status of Master P and his wife?

Master P and his estranged wife went their separate ways more than ten years ago, but he was only recently recognised as a single adult by the courts.

How much did Master P have to pay his wife?

The judge also imposed a $15,000 fine on Master P, which will be paid to Sonya’s attorney. Master P is worth an estimated $250 million, so we don’t expect him to feel the financial effects of this verdict too deeply. However, Sonya has more in store.

How many kids does Master P have with his ex wife?

Romeo was born in 1989; Vercy in 1991; Tytyana in 1992; Inty in 1993; Itali in 1999; Hercy in 2002; and Mercy in 2005 are his children with ex-wife Sonya C. He also has two daughters, Veno (1991) and Cymphonique (1996).

Who is still married on MAF?

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