#TogetherBlue Unites New York Giants Fans

The #TogetherBlue campaign will be used by the New York Giants during the 2020 season. The campaign will bring Giants fans, players, coaches, and people who work in the front office closer together.

“‘#TogetherBlue’ serves as a mantra through this challenging time that our loyal season ticket members and fans are always foremost in the collective mind of everyone in our organisation, Additionally, the campaign emanates the Giants’ resolute pursuit of success and what it means to achieve that success together as an organisation” – Giants Chief Commercial Officer Pete Guelli.

One user wrote, “Giants beat the Commanders to improve to 8-5-1 and win their first NFC East game of the season! Giants currently hold the 6th seed in the NFC! #NYG #TogetherBlue”

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Another user wrote, “I don’t want to hear about pass interference. Giants have been screwed with penalties all year. Including this game. GREAT NO CALL! #TogetherBlue #TommysTakes”

For the launch of “A Giant Hero,” which will honor front-line workers, the campaign includes content for social media like fan appreciation.

The campaign asks communities in New Jersey and New York to commit to long-term changes in social justice.

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