Who Is Drew Griffin? Know About American Journalist And Investigative Reporter!

Reporter Drew Griffin was well-known for his work with CNN, an American television news outlet. A seasoned journalist with years of expertise, Drew Griffin was also a. For many years, Drew Griffin was an investigative reporter for CNN.

Who Is Drew Griffin
                                                                                            Who Is Drew Griffin

Drew Griffin’s friends and coworkers are grieving his passing. On December 17, 2022, Drew passed away at 60. Griffin graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in communications. Before joining CNN, he spent ten years as an investigative reporter for CBS 2 News in Los Angeles.

Who Is Drew Griffin?

American journalist and investigative reporter Drew Griffin won an Emmy. He is well known for his work with CNN and KCBS-TV. After a protracted fight with cancer, Drew passed away at his home on Saturday, December 17, 2022, according to a report on December 19, 2022. Drew had a 60-year-old age.

Drew was a correspondent for the CNN/investigative U.S. team based in Atlanta, the home of CNN’s global headquarters. After ten years as an investigative reporter for CBS 2 News in Los Angeles, he joined the network in May 2004. After one year with CNN, Drew’s reporting on a Ford vehicle defect that reportedly led them to catch fire earned him a national Emmy Award for business and finance reporting.

For the CNN Presents documentary “How to Rob a Bank” in 2006, the CNN investigative reporter won his second national Emmy; for “Hidden Spending,” an Anderson Cooper 360° feature investigating legislative spending, he won his third in 2007. He received the 2007 Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for “Distinguished Coverage of Congress” from the National Press Foundation and the Atlanta Press Club’s Journalist of the Year award for national television reporting.

Before joining CNN, Drew won the Bill Stout Award for Enterprise Reporting from the Associated Press Television-Radio Association for his series of articles on the groundbreaking research to reverse Alzheimer’s disease. The Drew also won a regional Edward R.

Murrow Award for exposing fraudulent soliciting at Los Angeles International Airport, three Los Angeles Emmys, nine Golden Mikes and numerous other investigative reporting awards from the Associated Press, the L.A. Press Club, and the Radio and Television News Directors Association, according to CNN. The Drew also exposed an underground medical network in Los Angeles.

Drew studied communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. Later, he worked in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C. He began his journalism career at WICD-TV in Illinois. His career as an investigative journalist began at Seattle’s KIRO-TV.

Drew Griffin Death: What Cause Of His Death?

According to CNN, Griffin had been battling cancer for some time until the condition eventually won. According to reports, most of his coworkers were unaware of his sickness since he intended to keep it a secret. Griffin is survived by his wife Margot Griffin, their two sons, Louis and Miles Griffin, and three children: daughter Ele Gast and boys. He has two grandchildren as well.

The broad group of people Griffin worked with will never forget him for his investigative work and his talent for securing interviews with even the most resistant subjects. Griffin was referred to as “an extraordinary writer who built pieces into gripping, must-see TV tales” by Patricia DiCarlo, the executive producer of CNN’s investigative team.

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Some Information About the Carrer Of Drew Griffin

As a senior investigative journalist for CNN, Griffin is headquartered in Atlanta’s global headquarters. Before joining CNN, he spent ten years as an investigative reporter and news anchor for CBS 2 News in Los Angeles, California. Griffin covers a wide range of subjects for CNN, including politics, business, sports, and governmental inquiries.

For his investigation investigating delays at Veterans Affairs hospitals, Griffin was given a Peabody Award in 2015. Approximately nineteen war veterans’ lives were lost as a result of appointment delays, according to his inquiry. It also showed that thousands more veterans had to wait a long time to get treated. Eric Shinseki, the Virginia Secretary, resigned due to the reporting by CNN and Griffin, and other managers were sacked.

Who Is Drew Griffin
                                                                                Who Is Drew Griffin

His other recent investigations have focused on using “Super Pacs” and gerrymandering in elections and how some medical residents falsify answers on the medical board certification exams for radiologists. Griffin visited New Orleans, Louisiana in September 2005 to document the effects of Hurricane Katrina. He also wrote about the police officers’ looting in New Orleans, which prompted a full investigation against the force. He also covered the deaths that occurred in nursing homes after Hurricane Katrina.

He has toured the world as an investigative journalist, notably in Somalia, where he covered a hunger catastrophe. Additionally, he has been to Singapore to cover illegal drift net fishers and El Salvador to cover members of the Los Angeles gangs. Presidents of both Russia and the United States have agreed to interviews with him. He covered the Israel war on terrorism, as well as the September 11 terrorist attacks, live while working at CBS 2 News in New York.

What Is The Net Worth Of Drew Griffin At The Time Of His Death?

Griffin has a great career as a correspondent and news anchor/reporter, and he has amassed a net worth that ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

Drew Griffin’s Wife/Children

Becky Martin, Griffin’s attractive wife, is his wife. On April 2, 2005, they exchanged vows in the United States. The couple takes great delight in raising their one son, Toby, as parents. Additionally, Griffin’s two stepsons, Wade and Joey, who he has with his ex-wife from his previous marriage, make the pair pleased to be their stepparents.

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