Who Is George Santos? Questions Raise About New York Republican Background!

George Anthony Devolder Santos, a controversial American politician and businessman from New York, was born on July 22, 1988. His background is currently being investigated for irregularities.

Santos, a 34-year-old Republican from Long Island, won the election last month by defeating Democrat Robert Zimmerman in what is believed to be the first congressional race with two openly homose*ual candidates. The third district representative from New York is set to start working next month, but there are some concerns about his background.

According to the Reports, Santos may have exaggerated much of his experience, including his employment history, academic achievements, and philanthropic contributions. Santos’ campaign biography states that the Brazilian-American worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, but both companies said they had no record of him there.

A review of public records and court filings revealed no proof that his family owns 13 real estate properties. Neither Baruch College nor New York University could find any evidence of his enrollment, despite claims he graduated from Baruch in 2010 and took classes there. A New Jersey animal welfare organization claimed it never received any funding.

Who Is George Santos?
Who Is George Santos?

According to the Daily Beast, federal regulators suggested that Santos’ most recent employer was a Ponzi scheme during the campaign. Still, information about his other alleged fabrications is just now becoming public.

Santos defeated Zimmerman by more than 20,000 votes in the NY-3 race, which he had previously lost to Thomas Suozzi by around 40,000 in 2020. This is one of many New York house seats that have changed from blue to red since President Joe Biden’s victory. Santos is accused of fabricating a story to win over voters, including claiming to have four employees who perished in the 2016 tragedy at the Pulse nightclub and setting up a charity named Friends of Pets United.

According to The Times, none of the names of the Pulse victims were similar to any of the companies listed in Santos’ biography, and neither the IRS nor the attorneys general of New York or New Jersey could find any evidence that Santos had ever registered a tax-exempt corporation.

“ResumĂ© inflation is a well-known but regrettable occurrence in politics, to be sure. There are way too many instances of different applicants embellishing their military experience, for example. Others have exaggerated their professional or academic accomplishments to make them seem more impressive to voters, according to MSNBC’s Steve Benen on Monday.

Who Is George Santos?
Who Is George Santos?

The Times’ investigation, however, “paints a qualitatively different kind of picture: This is less a narrative about a rookie politician who modified his resume with a few slight exaggerations, and more a story about an incoming congressman who appears to have participated in dramatic public deceptions about who he is.”

Santos did not answer the newspaper’s inquiries and made no public comments. Still, in a statement, his attorney stated that it was “no surprise” that the congressman-elect had adversaries at the New York Times who were trying to tarnish his reputation with these false accusations.

The Washington Post quoted Zimmerman as saying he was unsurprised by the accusations. According to Zimmerman, the governor’s election, where crime was the focus and the media had other concerns, drowned out many of these issues. “We always understood he was running a scam against the voters, and we addressed many of these issues,” Zimmerman said.

Final Words

Although neither Citigroup nor Goldman Sachs had any record of Santos working there, he described himself as a “seasoned Wall Street financier and investor” in his biography. Santos represented himself as an “assistant asset manager” for Citi, but that department had been sold off in 2005.

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