Gaby Hutchinson Died: Security Worker Killed At Asake Show

At an Afrobeat performance in London last week, a 23-year-old security guard became the second person to pass away due to a stampede. According to the Metropolitan Police, Gaby Hutchinson, employed to guard Asake’s Thursday performance at Brixton’s O2 Academy, passed away Monday from wounds he received when a crowd pushed their way inside the venue.

Hutchinson was in the building’s foyer when a flood of concert-goers without tickets rushed in, according to the police. After the events on Thursday, “it is tragic news that a second person has lost their life,” said Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove. I want to send Gaby’s family my sincere condolences during this incredibly trying time.

Gaby Hutchinson Died
                                                                                 Gaby Hutchinson Died

Also in the foyer was Rebecca Ikumelo, who passed away on Saturday from injuries sustained in the mob crush. One of three people hospitalized in critical condition after the Asake event was the 33-year-old mother of two. The third person mentioned in the essential requirement was Hutchinson.

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According to authorities, the third patient, a 21-year-old woman, is still hospitalized and showing no improvement. At the moment of the stampede, she was also in the foyer. After the incident, eight people in total were hospitalized. Videos of Thursday’s gathering that were uploaded online show a sea of people pressed against one another outside the venue as they shout, “move away!”

Gaby Hutchinson Died
                                                                                        Gaby Hutchinson Died

Before the onslaught of people finally forced through and into the foyer, where the worst injuries were, those in the front of the crowd were pressed against the doors of the London venue. In addition to interviewing witnesses and reviewing CCTV footage and cell phone recordings as part of their investigation into the tragedy.

The Metropolitan Police urged anyone with information to come forward because about 4,000 potential witnesses were present at the time of the incident. The agency has created a webpage for people to submit video and witness reports of the incident and crowd surge.

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