Jummai Nache Of Minnesota Suffers From Severe Pfizer mRNA

A 47-year-old Nigerian immigrant and Christian missionary now permanently crippled are being given flimsy justifications by the medical establishment.

According to a long GoFundMe explanation, Mrs. Jummai Nache received her second experimental Pfizer mRNA injection on February 1. She went back to work and started having chest pains. She continued to experience difficulty and pain until her husband, Mr. Philip Nache, drove her to the emergency department on February 6.

Her heart was examined using an electrocardiogram (EKG), but the results were expected. According to experts, despite being “completely immunized,” Mrs. Nache was found to have COVID-19. Since his wife showed no symptoms before receiving the second experimental mRNA injection, Mr. Nache described the finding as “striking.” Mrs. Nache was released from the hospital with instructions to abide by COVID-19 CDC recommendations.

On February 13, Mrs. Nache returned to the ER after things worsened. She was moved to the University of Minnesota Medical Center for additional observation. After determining that her blood pressure and oxygen levels were fatally low, doctors put her on a ventilator. Additionally, her heart was “degrading.”

More Diagnoses and Amputations Of Jummai Nache

The doctors warned Mr. Nache that his wife might pass away anytime. She was currently coping with cardiomyopathy, ischemia, and arterial blood clots. In due course, doctors removed the ventilator. But Mrs. Nache needed both of her legs medically amputated below the knees—a procedure known as a bilateral transtibial amputation.

Once the leg procedures heal, her hands must either be partially or wholly amputated due to significant injury. Unfortunately, this is not the only instance of post-injection amputations we discussed. The experimental AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection was given to Mr. David Mears.

Jummai Nache  Suffers From Severe Pfizer mRNA
                                                     Jummai Nache Suffers From Severe Pfizer mRNA

A few weeks later, his left leg was amputated below the knee. Mrs. Nache most certainly experienced post-injection blood clots that caused deep vein thrombosis or critical limb ischemia, similar to Mr. Mears. After Mrs. Nache’s initial ER visit, doctors did not mention venous thromboembolism (blood clots), whether on purpose or not.

According to a 2010 Annals of Thoracic Medicine research, physicians frequently neglect to screen asymptomatic patients for venous thromboembolism thoroughly. However, the issue in this instance is that an EKG was allegedly done but turned up nothing. Doctors from the University of Minnesota want the Nache family to think that “COVID-19” is to blame for everything.

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Prognosis and Faith In God 

Doctors at the University of Minnesota claimed they could not confirm whether the Pfizer injection was the only cause of the injuries. They cite Multiple Inflammatory Syndrome in Adults (MIS-A) brought on by COVID-19 as the only “conclusive” explanation.

At some point, Mrs. Nache will require numerous further operations and prosthetic legs. According to her LinkedIn profile, she was a Student Experience Team Leader at Hennepin Technical College. She was also a student pursuing a licensed practical nursing degree. I also hold a master’s degree in Christian education, Mrs. Nache.

The Nache family is well-known among other African immigrants in Minneapolis for their missionary activities. Mr. Nache compares the new existence of his wife to the biblical character Job. Job had a variety of misfortunes despite his belief in God, including losing all of his possessions and contracting an illness. The Naches hold that suffering puts your trust in God to the test.

Final Words

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