Amy Grant’s Same-S*x Wedding Divides the Christian Community

Evangelist Franklin Graham isn’t the only Christian music fan who isn’t thrilled about Amy Grant hosting her niece’s same-s*x wedding. Christian Headlines reports that Amy Grant is overjoyed to have the opportunity to host her niece’s same-s*x wedding on the farm she shares with her husband Vince Gill.

However, as a prominent Christian musician, she has received criticism from prominent religious figures for her outspoken support of homos*xuality.

Amy Grant to Host Niece’s Wedding

Amy, a special honoree at The Kennedy Center, discussed her ties to the LGBTQ community in an interview with The Washington Post published that November (2022). The 62-year-old woman described her upcoming “bride and bride” ceremony as a “gift to our whole family to widen the experience of our whole family.”

Grant claims that loving God and each other is ultimately obeying His word, despite the fact that he has strayed from some Christian views against homos*xuality. In 2021, she spoke with Hunter Kelly of Proud Radio about being out in the open. She explained why it was vital to her to do so: “Don’t be afraid, you’re loved.

Amy Grant Wedding
Amy Grant Wedding

That’s why I think it’s so important to set a welcome table.” Gay. Straight. This makes no difference whatsoever. Amy’s gay fan base has been with her since she first started performing at the age of 18, and she has regularly engaged with them through the Gay Friends Of Amy Grant group on Facebook. She grew up in a Christian household that was very traditional, but her experiences on the road made her reconsider her stance on the gay community.

Fans Defend Amy for Supporting LGBT Community

Several Bible passages, including Leviticus 18:22, describe homos*xuality as a sin, prompting outspoken conservative pastor Franklin Graham to criticize Amy Grant for “disobeying God’s word.” Graham specifically cited this verse when accusing Grant of “practicing homos*xuality, having sex with another man as with a woman.”

There is no sin more abhorrent than that. On Facebook, Graham affirmed, “Yes, we are to love God and love each other. In contrast, if we truly love God, we will work hard to follow His instructions. If you love me, Jesus said, then obey my teachings (John 14:15).

Amy Grant Wedding
Amy Grant Wedding

The Bible makes it clear that God, not humans, determines what constitutes sin. However, Amy’s supporters have come out in force to defend the singer and applaud her for having the courage to support the LGBT community. One fan said, “Always loved Amy Grant… now I love her even more!”

An additional commenter stated, “I’m glad Amy told us about this. We require role models who can instruct us in the ways of faith and love. Shame on the purported Christians who pass judgment with misinterpreted Bible verses. Every expression of love is valid.

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