Is Youtuber EDP445 Still Alive or Dead? What Were the Allegations Against Him?

Is EDP445 Dead? – In 2021, EDP445 was a sensation and was active on practically all social media platforms. However, this popularity quickly faded, and today nobody knows whether EDP445 is still alive, let alone where they are. Let’s find out what happened to EDP445 that prompted many people to ask if he is still alive and where he is today.

Is EDP445 Dead?

As no sources have announced the news of EDP445’s passing, the answer to the question “Is EDP445 Dead?” is NO. A YouTuber named EDP445 became a stir among other YouTubers and Internet users thanks to the content he provided and what transpired to EDP445.

But if he was so well-known, why do people still ask if EDP445 is dead when there isn’t any official word on the matter? Despite being famous, EDP445 slowly vanished after what happened to EDP445. EDP445 was taken down from most social media sites that allow users to upload videos, leaving a vacancy. Many people who had no idea what had happened to EDP445 quickly started asking if they were still alive.

Where is EDP445 Now?

EDP445 disclosed that he was from Bakersfield, California, when he was active on YouTube and other social media platforms, but it’s unclear where he is today. Following his removal from YouTube and other video-sharing social media sites in April 2021, EDP445’s admirers began to question if he was still alive and where he was at the time of his disappearance. EDP445 was recently spotted on TikTok, where he submitted a few videos, but many believe he will soon be taken off the app.

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How Tall is EDP445?

Many people have been interested in EDP445’s body, particularly his height, after seeing him on his YouTube channel, where he releases rage videos and vlogs, in addition to the questions of whether he is dead and where he is currently. People naturally want to know EDP445’s height after noticing his tall stature. EDP445 is 6 feet 1 inch tall and is thought to be around 65 years old, according to sources.

Is EDP445 Dead
Is EDP445 Dead

What Happened to EDP445?

EDP445 was prohibited from social media sites like YouTube when it was discovered that he was grooming children and engaging in pedophilic behavior. In a YouTube video, he stated that he was looking for a 13-year-old girl who didn’t exist.

According to sources, he also sent s*xual texts, films, and pictures to this fictitious 13-year-old. All of this led to the removal of his video content from YouTube. There were also many additional social media platforms deleted. Many believe that EDP445 went on to work as a food delivery service.

EDP445 Death

All questions regarding EDP445’s demise, present location, and course of events have now been resolved. However, who is EDP445, and is it his actual name? This guy goes by the alias No EDP445 on social media. Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland, also known as EDP445, was born on December 15, 1990, making him about 31 years old.

This American YouTuber is well-known for starting a gaming and food channel in addition to his rant and vlog channel. Because of his absence from social media, many people have been wondering if EDP445 is dead, as we previously witnessed from the statement.

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Final Words

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