Members Of Sauce Walka’s Crew Arrested for RICO Violations

The Sauce Factory (TSF) of Sauce Walka is the most recent crew to be the target of a RICO investigation, with several of its members being detained on suspicion of racketeering. Several alleged TSF members, which Walka founded, were reportedly detained on December 15 for a variety of crimes due to an FBI and Houston Police Department investigation, according to FOX 26 Houston.

Drug trafficking, owning a “Glock switch,” and being a criminal in possession of a firearm were among the offenses, according to attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani.

Sauce Walka Arrested
                                                                                                  Sauce Walka Arrested

A total of 14 people, including Anthony Ketchum (35), Anthony Yezeno-Hopkins (38), Brandon Milson (32), Hassani Mills (34), Jaylyn Pinson (29), Josue Rodriguez (32), Keith Moore (34), Michael Henry (32), Myles Smith (23), Robert Thomas (29), Sterling Brumant (26), Titus Baisey (35) and Toree White (27) and Julian Herrera, were detained as part of the investigation.

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At six in the morning, the residences of the suspects were surrounded by nearly 200 members of tactical teams from all over Texas. Except for Thomas and Rodriguez, all men are accused of possessing meth with the intent to deliver it, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison and a maximum punishment of $10 million.

Sauce Walka Arrested
                                                                                               Sauce Walka Arrested

Moore faces an extra charge of possession with intent to deliver heroin, which carries a maximum of 40 years in jail. A Glock auto switch, a device made and intended to convert a semi-automatic pistol into a fully automatic weapon, was the firearm Thomas was accused of possessing illegally. If convicted, he faces a 10-year possible sentence.

Rodriguez was allegedly in possession of a Ruger 5.7 mm pistol. He is reportedly prohibited from acting following federal law because he has a criminal record and faces a maximum sentence of 10 years.

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