Who is EDP445? What Happened to Him after his YouTube ban?

Before allegations of his s*xual misbehavior coming to light online, Bryant Moreland, formerly known as EDP445, appeared to have his career as a media professional on track.

Social media users criticized EDP445 for engaging in inappropriate behavior with underage online users. His YouTube stardom and credibility vanished due to this going viral and creating a butterfly effect.

Who is EDP445?

Through the popularity of his YouTube account EDP445, Moreland rose to stardom. In ten years, he had more than two million subscribers.

The focus of EDP445’s content was humor, his bold attitude, and his constant bragging about how much he loved the Philadelphia Eagles. The former YouTuber established himself and gained widespread recognition.

A former guest on Howard Stern’s radio show, he also had an appearance on Comedy Central in 2014. He received an invitation to Daniel Tosh’s Tosh.0 at that time. But in April 2021, when the media celebrity was discovered to be in a compromising position, everything very much went wrong.


What were the allegations against him?

The Predator Poachers reported that he had been engaging in illicit internet interactions with young females.

The 31-year-old reportedly planned to meet up with a 13-year-old and acknowledged chatting with the child. In reality, the 13-year-old was made up and used as a ruse by the Predator Poachers to demonstrate the YouTuber’s inappropriate behavior.

Who is EDP445
Who is EDP445

They also disclosed that they were responsible for the fictional 13-year account. Old’s There were screenshots of Moreland’s conversation with the young adolescent. The Predator Poachers provided more information in a YouTube video that has since been removed.

The social media star, whose image inspired numerous reaction memes, apparently used his verified Instagram account to send the kid his obscene photographs and texts. As word of the charges spread, YouTube removed Moreland’s channel and other bills.

Additionally, he was prohibited from using other social media platforms, and his dynamic pages were deleted. EDP445’s YouTube reputation has been tarnished since 2021, and for a good reason.

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What happened to EDP445 after his YouTube ban?

For a period, the disgraced content producer completely disappeared from social media, leaving people to wonder what he was doing in the wake of his wrongdoing. He might have changed careers to become a food delivery person or a Lyft driver, according to other YouTubers.

But it seems that none of the a priori statements are accurate. EDP445 is still active on social media.

Despite not having access to some social networking sites, the content producer has managed to join them. Moreland has been seen using the live-streaming platform Bigo, where he is re-establishing his name and status as a content creator.

On the app, Moreland is reportedly highly interactive with children, drawing criticism from internet users.

Similar to this, Moreland is steadily acquiring fans on his TikTok account. Internet users, however, are also dissatisfied with this, claiming that TikTok’s audience has a more significant proportion of children.

According to some online users, Moreland should serve time in prison, and one of them provided proof. However, no one was taken into custody, and a detective claimed that the general public was urged to refrain from gathering evidence while the police were on the scene.

Although it is unknown if TikTok will take action against EDP445, a snapshot from Bigo’s Discord page demonstrates that the app is looking into if such action is necessary.

EDP445 Net worth

According to a report on Starsgrab.com, EDP445 has a net worth of $ 2 million. This translates to more than Rs 18 crore in Indian rupees.

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Final Lines

According to a report from YouTube Fandom, EDP445 was born on that date in 1990. He does vlogs, food videos, reviews, and gaming videos, but he is best known for his tirade videos, the media outlet claims.

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