Brooklyn Pastor Faces Federal Fraud and Extortion Accusations

Bishop Lamor Whitehead who lives in Brooklyn got national attention this summer when he was robbed during a live-streamed church service. In a separate case, he is now being charged with wire fraud and extortion.

Federal prosecutors said that Whitehead, who is 45 years old, is being charged with two counts of wire fraud, one count of extortion, and one count of making false statements for crimes he allegedly committed against a member of his church and a businessman.

Whitehead is the leader of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches in New York City. He is known for his expensive clothes, cars, and other shows of wealth. Armed thieves broke into Whitehead and his wife’s church in July and stole $1 million worth of jewelry.

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After this happened, people said that Whitehead was living too well. Some people even wondered if the robbery was real. Two men were later caught and charged with the robbery, though.

After hearing that he was being charged by the federal government, Whitehead said in a 15-minute Instagram video posted on Tuesday that he was innocent.

In the video, Whitehead sits in front of two smiley portraits of himself and says, “The bishop isn’t guilty. And I’m going to fight it. I have the right legal team, and more importantly, I have God.”

“Ain’t nothing changed. I’m still the same bishop,” he said. “And I’ll say it again. Just because you were arrested doesn’t make you guilty. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. I’m telling you all. You drunk it already. Don’t drink it again. Give it time.”

Prosecutors say Whitehead used threats and lies to get people to give him money, which he then used to buy himself expensive things.

Whitehead is said to have talked one of his parishioners into investing about $90,000 of her retirement savings from April 2020 to July 2021. This was done because the bishop said he would help her find a place to live and invest some of the money in his real estate businesses.

The charges against Whitehead say that instead, he used her money for himself. In a separate case, the indictment says that Whitehead forced a businessman who was not named to give him a lot of money.

Whitehead is said to have told the businessman in the spring of 2022 that he should give the church leader $500,000 and a share in some real estate deals. In exchange, the man was told he would get “favorable actions” from the New York City government that would help both Whitehead and himself.

Prosecutors said that Whitehead also lied to FBI agents when they were carrying out a search warrant. The pastor is said to have lied when he said he only had the one phone he was carrying at the time.

Whitehead did in fact have a second phone, which he used often. He even sent a text message saying it was “my other phone” right after telling the agents he didn’t have any other phones.

There are three counts of wire fraud and extortion, and each one can get you up to 20 years in prison. If you make false statements that are important, you could go to prison for up to five years… Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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