Eloy Mendez Gay: What is his S*xuality?

Eloy Mendez has worked extensively in film, television, theatre, and commercial enterprises, earning him a reputation as a skilled performer and producer. Eloy’s first film role was in Ken Loach’s critically praised film Bread and Roses, alongside stars Adrien Brody, Elpidia Carrilo, and George Lopez.

Lionsgate oversaw the worldwide release of the movie. Scott Minerd, chief investment officer at Guggenheim Partners, died suddenly yesterday. A statement from the company confirms this. About a year after Guggenheim was founded, he became a managing partner there.

He oversaw more than $300 million in assets while serving as Guggenheim’s worldwide chief investment officer. His philanthropic efforts were constant. Scott‘s husband, Eloy Mendez, has since passed away. Scott was also exceptional since Eloy Mendez is openly gay in a conservative business and at the helm of a major investment firm.

Eloy Mendez Gay
Eloy Mendez Gay

Through the years, Scott and I had many conversations, and I was even his guest at a few charity events. As a result, I also got to observe him in his previous guise. The company claims he suffered a heart attack during his workout, making this a tragically tragic loss for the business world.

Brian Sozzi: You were right, and you knew him better than I did. But he is always kind with his time, and he is excellent at simplifying complex financial concepts so that even laypeople can grasp them. We will miss him terribly.

BRIAN SMITH: This morning, the company also issued a statement. You’re right that he was very vocal about his financial dealings on TV and in the media; he was also very open with sharing information about his investments. Only on the 16th of December did he appear on a published podcast or one of the audio—especially audio—commentary fronts, where he was sharing even more of that information.

So, folks who are willing to share their time and knowledge about their investments are invaluable when they are available to Wall Street professionals. Even he counted among those famous people. Again, this is a huge loss for the business and for us, JULIE HYMAN says. We had to go check on something, but we’ll be back soon.

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