Is Kayce Smith Pregnant? Announcement Together With Boyfriend!

Kayce Smith and her boyfriend are very excited to have a child, and she just told him that she is pregnant. In a Bar Stool Sports blog post from August 21, 2022, the sportscaster told the big news.

She wanted to talk about what was going on in her personal life while keeping in mind her work duties. But she hasn’t told anyone who her boyfriend is. Still, it wasn’t easy for the announcer to keep her pregnancy a secret for the whole time.

Sports Broadcaster is Pregnant

Kayce wrote in her blog that she got pregnant by accident, but that she couldn’t be happier. She didn’t tell her family until recently, and she has been “fake drinking” in public while hiding her baby bump with big clothes.

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But she just couldn’t take it anymore. “My boyfriend and I’ll be allowed to leave the hospital with a baby in February. For those keeping score, that means that somehow an unplanned pregnancy planned itself around football season. Pretty perfect, if you ask me,” she wrote.

Kayce wanted to tell Dave, Dan, Brandon and Deion the news before the next football season because it was “important for her mental health” and because she cared about them as co-workers and co-hosts.

“Worrying about anything or anybody else other than what I care about most these days seems pretty silly and stupid,” she explained.

Kayce Smith Flaunts Her Boyfriend

Kayce took the chance to talk about how her boyfriend has been there for her through everything. Without revealing his identity, Kayce said, “I have to brag on baby daddy for a second. I never thought I deserved (let alone would find) somebody so unbelievable. As cheesy as it sounds, he fully loved me while I learned to love myself again and I know he’s going to be an amazing dad.”


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Just like her co-hosts, Kayce has been able to keep her personal life very private. Her social media posts don’t say anything about who her baby’s father is, and she hasn’t talked about her wedding plans.

She is a Survivor of Skin Cancer

Since 2014, she has been open about her fight against skin cancer. It seems that a dermatologist sitting behind her at a football game told her what was wrong. The doctor saw a flat birthmark on the back of Kayce’s shoulders and found her later to tell her about it.

“I had been dealing with frequent colds and other immune system issues, but I had no idea a flat birthmark on the back of my shoulder was about to change my life,” she explains in a different blog.


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She got treatment right away, and because she got better quickly after surgery, she was able to go back to work at ESPN… Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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